15 Unbelievable Benefits Of Petroleum Jelly

What is Petroleum Jelly?

It is also known by its trademark Vaseline, which is a purified mixture of semi-solid hydrocarbons derived from petroleum. Yes, it is the same petroleum used to make diesel products, fuel and deodorants. It is really versatile and can be used for many purposes. It is fairly affordable, and can make many beauty wonders on your skin, hair and lips. Is petroleum jelly safe? What is petroleum used for? We are listing out 15 benefits of petroleum jelly that might answer all your questions.

benefits of petroleum jelly


What Does Petroleum Jelly Do – Benefits Of Petroleum Jelly

1. Heal wounds

It can be helpful to treat minor wounds like scratches, cuts and flakes. benefits of petroleum jellyThis is because moisture is important to speed up the healing of any wounds.

2. Gets rid of chapped lips

It moisturizes your lips. Apply as many times as possible in a day. Personally, i think this is the one of the best benefits.

3. Pinkish lips

Yes, It can also get rid of the darker pigments on your lips. It makes your lips appear so naturally smooth and moist.

4. Longer and thicker eyelashes

This is an unbelievable miracle of petroleum. Apply some jelly onto your eyelashes every night before going to bed. You will notice a longer, and much thicker eyelashes within two weeks. It does work, trust me!

5. Moist face skin

Apply it thoroughly onto your whole face every night before going to bed. You will notice moisture and smoothness in your face skin.

6. A substitute for body lotion

You may also apply petroleum to your whole body, mainly your hands and legs. It will get rid of your dry skin problem completely.

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7. Make up remover

You can instead use it to remove your make up. It is actually a better option. This is because some make up removers, or baby oils contain ingredients that may irritate the eyes. But petroleum jelly is very mild and safe to use.

8. Beautiful fingernails

Apply it onto your fingernails to keep them resilient. You may also rub some on painted fingernails; it helps them to look new and shiny.

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9. Hair moisturizer

Yes, a wonderful hair moisturizer in fact. Just use a dab of petroleum jelly to keep your hair well moisturized, and manageable.

10. Split ends dilemma

It also helps cure split ends. Split ends can make your hair look really unhealthy. That is why you need to use some petroleum jelly to get rid of them. Just apply some onto the ends of your hair.

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11. Bye-bye diaper rash

It works amazingly in preventing diaper rashes. Apply some vaseline on your baby’s bottom before putting on a new diaper.

12. Lipstick stains

It removes lipstick stains from soft materials. How? Rub some vaseline onto the stained part of the cloth before washing, and watch those stains disappear.

13. Everlasting fragrance

It is really disappointing when your favorite perfume scent constantly fades away. But with the help of petroleum jelly, you can make the scent last. Dab some on your pulse points and your neck before spritzing on your perfume, and the scent will last for the entire day.

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14. Tamed eyebrows

Don’t worry if you find it hard to make your eyebrows stay in its shape. Apply some on your eyebrows with you fingertips and shape it.

15. Shining shoes

This a trick that all wives should have up their sleeves. Here is an easier method to polish you husbands’ leather shoes. Dab some Vaseline onto the shoes and use a cloth to rub and spread it, and watch the shoes shine!


That is all for petroleum jelly uses and its benefits. Basically, there is nothing that it can’t do. It is a perfect all-in-one product for all ladies. If there are any other beauty benefits of petroleum jelly that you know, do share them with us here in HNBT.

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