How To Gain Weight Fast

How To Gain Weight Fast? – 15 Ways To Gain Weight Quickly

Gain Weight Fast : Whereas many women are struggling to lose some pounds and fats, there are some women who are actually dealing with a hard time to gain some –perhaps to just look better, or worried of being underweight. If you are ever wondering how to gain weight fast, we have just the the solutions to your problem. Because this time, HNBT provides you with few of the best ways to gain weight naturally in no time.

How To Gain Weight Fast
How To Gain Weight Fast

How To Gain Weight Fast?

Here are 15 effective ways to gain weight :

1. Add calories

Add 500 calories to your daily caloric intake. It may sound like a large amount, but worry not. It will not make you sick or feel overloaded. A big bar of chocolate and a glass of full cream milk would help. You can also consume two eggs daily as egg yolks contain high amount of calories.

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2. Drink fruit juices

Fruit juice is high in calories and it is safe. Avocados, grapes and dates are some of the fruits that contain healthy calories. They are high in healthy monounsaturated fats which is very essential for muscle building. You may also take these fruits as whole.

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3. Eat later at night

The reason why doctors discourage late at night eating habits is because the calories are likely to accumulate and will cause poundage gain in your body. Hence, eating later at night, which is after 7.00 p.m, is absolutely harmless if you wish to add some pounds. Late night snacks may do some favor too.

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4. Eat more protein

Of course, this is the easiest method to add pounds. You should increase the amount of daily protein  intake. Some of protein rich foods are milk, soy milk, cheese and yogurt. You can also consume up to 3 eggs everyday (studies have proven that it is one of the healthy habits for underweight people).

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5. Eat at least three meals per day

You should eat at least three all-in-all meals per day (with some added amount of calories of course). Make sure to never skip breakfasts, lunch and dinner. When you skip meals, you are basically letting your stomach to starve, which will only lead to loss. Hence, eat three meals per day.

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6. Get plenty of sleep

Sleeping 8 hours per day is another important key to help you gain and maintain some pounds. If you lack of sleep, your body is much likely to lose mass and gain none. This is because your metabolism rate becomes very unstable when you lack of sleep. Hence, you lose weight faster.

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7. Potatoes

Eat potatoes every day. They are rich in carbohydrates, thus promoting a really healthy mass gain. It is said that one potato equals to eating 6 slices of bread. You can have the potatoes baked, mashed or cooked in soups. Cook mashed potatoes with milk for best results.

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8. Add your sugar

By sugar we mean glucose, which will incredibly bulk you up. Increase your sugar intake. Take more sweet things like ice creams, chocolates and candies. But however you should avoid consuming dark chocolate because it will make you lose pounds instead of gaining some.

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9. Tunas

Eat tunas. They contain a lot of healthy calories. This will not only help bulk you up, but also maintain your physical well-being. Tunas work the best for weight gain when taken with cheese, mayonnaise and butter.

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10. Try the supplements

There are many supplements available in the market. You might want to consider trying them. They will somehow add up your pounds. Be sure to talk to a doctor first to avoid any possible allergies.

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11. Lean meat

Enjoy some lean meat to gain weight fast. They contain abundance of protein and iron. Though the original idea here is to gain weight faster, you might want to skip the fat in your meat. Because you would want to do it in a healthy way. And too much of cholesterol will trigger unwanted conditions.

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12. Peanut butter

It is packed with tons of proteins and vitamins. Though it is high in calories, it is way better than any other method. A tablespoon of peanut butter is said to contain 100 calories and 4g of protein. And above all, it is delish!

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13. Full cream milk

Get over your skin milk and go for a whole and full cream instead. They contain higher amount of calcium and protein. Make it a habit to take a glass of full cream milk every morning, and watch the magic happen.

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14. Whole meal bread and buns

We all know that carbs add pounds to our weight. Although white bread is proven to make people “fat”, its nutrients are usually stripped out which can harm your health in the long run. Instead, opt for wholemeal bread which is packed with more nutrients and carbs. You may also try taking freshly baked buns, they work pretty well too!

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15. Cheese

Similar to full cream milk, cheese is also rich with fats and is a good way to gain weight quickly. It is also high in protein, which makes it even better. Take a portion of cheese daily.

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Basically, the rule is to keep eating, eat more fatty foods and yes, increase your food portion at the same time. But however, if by trying all these methods and you still find it difficult to gain some pounds, then it is high time that you consulted a doctor. This is because your condition of being underweight or skinny might also be caused by some medical conditions like hyperthyroidism, cancer or diabetes. That is all for now. If there are any other simple ways to gain weight that you know, do share them with us here in HNBT.