12 Surprisingly Awesome Benefits Of Yoga

12 Surprising awesome Benefits Of Yoga

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a practice in which a balance between physical, mental and spiritual energy is obtained in order to lead a healthy life. It is originated in India by the yogis, or the spiritual disciples in the practice of attaining the state of eternal peace. Practice of yoga has been branching out widely and is well recognized by people all over the world. People these days mainly practice yoga for weight loss as well as for its health benefits. Following is a list on 12 benefits of yoga.


The Benefits of Yoga

1. Better posture

This is because it helps strengthening your core. Your posture will improve within few weeks of practice. And it does help to boost up your confidence. Remember, a good posture means, you’re attractive.

2. Better sleep

By practicing it, you can sleep better, especially for those who’re dealing with insomnia. This is because your mind becomes more relaxed, disciplined and tends to rest at the right time. It makes you feel very calmed and thus promoting a better sleep and rest.

3. Relieves stress

This is indeed a stupendous benefit. It does help a lot in relieving your stress. Since yoga requires you to clear your mind and focus on your breathing as a part of the routine, your mind becomes relieved from stress automatically.

4. Alertness of mind

The alertness of your mind is improved through the different routines. Not only that, your memory power becomes enhanced and is proven to help fight against Alzheimer too!

5. Eases back pain

Medical research has shown that regular practice can be really helpful in the treatment of back pain and stiffness. It helps ease the pain, and by regular practice, your back pain dilemma will surely come to an end. It also increases the blood circulation which then results in a reduced back pain.

6. Tones up your body

One of the best benefits for women is that it ridiculously tones up your body. It will burn all the unnecessary fat in your body, and help maintain an ideal body mass at the same time. It firms up your legs, butt and arms. Most practitioners have a well shaped body. Now who will not want that?

7. Easier labors and deliveries

Yes, pregnant women too can practice it too. There are few routines that are safe for pregnant women to practice. It is extremely good for the baby’s blood circulation, and helps a lot to make a delivery easier. We will include a routine that can be practiced by pregnant ladies in the end of the article.

8. Gives energy

Practicing yoga regularly will help in boosting up your energy level naturally. There is definitely no need for energy booster drinks anymore.

9. Controls asthma and breathing problems

Yes, It helps to keep your breathing at balance. But for especially those with asthma problem, you need to consult with a doctor first before starting a regimen. This is to ensure no complications occur due to our routines.

10. Prevents osteoporosis

We must know that women are more prone to develop osteoporosis compared to men. That is why you need to practice yoga, at least twice a week to keep osteoporosis at distant. It is on of the most amazing health benefits of yoga.

11. Weight loss

Of course you can use yoga for weight loss. It is a great workout as it helps to reduce the level of stress hormones and increases insulin sensitivity. This in return will make your body burn foods as fuel and not storing it as fat.

12. Reduces pain

Here’s one of the magical benefits. It actually helps in relieving pain caused by menstrual cramps, rheumatoid arthritis, leg cramps and headache too. Who would have ever thought?

Yoga Videos

Now that we have explained to you 12 amazing mental and physical benefits, you may check on these videos and try out the routines to obtain the benefits mentioned above.

Actually, there is nothing that yoga can’t do. It helps to control your mind and emotions, and to keep up a good physical fitness and appearance.  And that is exactly why you should consider it for a routine of at least twice a week.

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