12 Amazing Health Benefits Of Avocados – Best Healthy Fruit

Everybody loves avocados. Its silky texture and rich flavors make people hard not to love them. Not only that, it is also one of the world’s healthiest fruits as it contains 25 nutrients that are essential to human’s body. Avocados also contains nutrients that help protect the body against various illness and diseases. So why is avocado good for you? Here are 12 health benefits of avocados that will blow your mind.

12 Amazing Health Benefits Of Avocados
Health Benefits Of Avocados – Background Photo: Will Merydith/Flickr

Health Benefits Of Avocados

1. Maintain a healthy heart

This is because avocado contains vitamin B6 and folic acids, which is important to regulate the level of homocysteine in our bodies. And a balanced level of homocysteine means lesser risks of heart diseases. This is proven to be one of the best benefits of avocados for men.

2. Controls blood pressure

They also rich in potassium, and potassium is very important to control the blood pressure of our body.

3. Reduces inflammatory

Some compounds found in avocados such as polyphenols and flavonoids contain anti-inflammatory properties. Hence, the risks of inflammatory and degenerative disorders are reduced when you eat them. This is the greatest medicinal use of avocado

4. Good eye health.

It is also a great source of carotenoid that works as antioxidant and helps protect against eye diseases such cataracts. This creamy-like textured fruit also helps improve your eyesight tremendously when eaten every three days once.

5. Reduces stroke risk

Avocado is rich in folate, which may help protect against stroke. A study has proven that people who consumed high amount of folate had lower risks of stroke compared to those who did not. Hence, make this an excuse for you to consume more avocados.

6. Fights cancer

They may also do some favors to inhibit the growth of prostate cancer. Besides that, the oleic acid found in it is also helpful in fighting breast cancer and ovary cancer.

7. Anti-aging properties

As avocados are good source of antioxidants, they also reduce the symptoms of aging and encourage a balanced nervous system. When applied directly onto face, wrinkles may improve within two weeks.

8. Get rid of bad breath

Avocados cleanse your intestine which is the main cause of coated tongue and bad breath. Hence, they are good natural mouth wash.

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9. Beautiful skin.

It is also rich in vitamins that are essential for a healthy and glowing skin. Eating avocados can keep your skin moist, healthy and radiant. Now who would not want that?

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10. Helps weight loss

Soluble fibres are also present in avocados. They will activate the hormones in your brain to make you feel full. Plus, it also slows down the breakdown of carbohydrates in your stomach, which keeps you feeling full for little longer.

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11. Protects your unborn baby

Avocados are good source of folate, a vitamin that reduces the risk of birth defects. Hence, eating avocado is also good for your baby. The folate found in avocado helps protect the heart of your unborn baby too.

12. Beautiful hair

As avocados are rich in various types of vitamins, it also helps promote a healthy hair growth. You are likely to have silky smooth healthy hair on frequent consumption of avocados.

Wait no more. Go ahead and grab an avocado now. And be a part of its goodness.

Bonus Infographic on Avocado Uses and Benefits

Avocado uses and Health benefits
Avocado uses and Health benefits – Mercola.com

If there are any other benefits and avocado uses that you know, do share them with us here in HNBT.