How to do Breast Self-Exam? – Step by Step Guide

How to do Breast Self-Exam - Step by Step Guide by HNBT

How to do Breast Self-Exam the right way?

1. In the shower

Using the pads of your finger, move around in circular motion the entire breast, from the outside to the center. Check the entire breast and armpit are for any lumps, thickened or hardened knot. Make sure to check both your breasts monthly. This is to ensure no breast cancer symptoms of present.

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2. In front of the mirror

First, check your breasts in front of the mirror, with both arms at your sides. Then, raise your arms overhead and look for changes. Look for changes in the contour, any swelling or dimpling o the breast skin and changes in the nipples. Next, rest your palms on your thighs and press firmly to flex your chest muscles. Again, look for dimpling of the skin, puckering or any other changes, especially at one side. This will help determine the different types of breast cancer too (if symptoms are present).

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3. Lying down

When you are lying down, the breast tissue will spread evenly along the chest wall. This makes the examination much easier. Place a pillow under your right shoulder and your right arm has to be placed behind your head. Using your left hand, move your fingers around your entire breast and armpit in small circular motion. Look for any lumps, and press the nipple to check for any discharge. Repeat this to your left breast.

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Breast self-exam helps you to notice any changes, or symptoms that might be associated with the development of breast cancer, and helps you to detect it at early stages of breast cancer. Make sure to see the doctor immediately if you notice any changes, or symptoms in your body.

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