Home Remedies For Cough

Top 10 Best Home Remedies For Cough That Really Work

Home Remedies For Cough : Many of us often feel irritated and burdened when we have a cough. But what we don’t realize is that it is actually a natural reflex that protects your lungs. Yes, it helps to clear up all the lung irritants, mucus and smoke in lungs thus preventing our lungs from infection. But if you are having a persistent cough, or a dry cough, this might be a symptom of medical problem such as bronchitis or pneumonia.

Causes of Cough – Coughing occurs when the ends of our airways become irritated. There are three stages of cough ; acute, subacute and chronic, depending on how long it lasts. An acute cough is often caused by cold and other respiratory infections like the pneumonia. It lasts less than 3 weeks. A subacute cough remains even after cold and respiratory infections, and normally lasts within 3 to 8 weeks. And a chronic cough is usually caused by asthma, upper airway cough syndrome (UACS) and other respiratory disorders. This type normally lasts more than 8 weeks. Other causes of coughing include smoking, and nasal discharge.

Home Remedies For Cough
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Home Remedies For Cough Relief

A doctor might prescribe you with a syrup to relieve your nagging cough. But however, nothing relieves a cough better than home remedies. Here are several suitable and simple homemade cough remedies that will help relieve it for all, including children.

1. Thyme

Thyme is a well known traditional home remedy to treat cough and other respiratory illness like bronchitis and pneumonia. Make a tea out of 2tsp of crushed thyme leaves in one cup of boiling water. Cover the cup, let it steep for 10 minutes, and then strain the tea. This tea will give an instant relief.

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2. Flaxseeds + honey + lemon

This drink will soothe your tracheal tract and really works for bad cough. Honey and lemon will act as a mild antibiotic. All that you need to do is just boil 3tbs of flaxseeds in a cup of water until it becomes thick. Strain and add on 3tbs of honey and lemon juice each. Take 1 tbs of this as needed.

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3. Black pepper

This is a traditional Chinese medicine that works wonders on relieving your problem. Make some tea out of 1tsp of freshly ground black pepper and 2 tbs of honey. Just place these ingredients in a cup. The fill the cup with boiling water and cover it. Let is steep for about 15 minutes and strain. You may sip this tea as needed.

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4. Lemon

Lemon is a mild antibiotic. It will help your antibodies to fight against the bacteria that caused the infection of your airways. Cut a quarter of a lemon, sprinkle lots of black pepper and salt on it. Then suck it for an instant relief.

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5. Warm milk

This is another popular folk cure. Sip some warm milk that is sweetened with 2tbs of honey. This will really help your cough.

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6. Ground almonds

You might want to try this too. Many say it works. Blend a few teaspoons of finely ground almonds with a cup of orange juice. Sip this for relief.

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7. Holy basil leaves

This will not only help your cough, but also flu and sore throat. You can either chew the leaves as it is. Or may make a paste out of it. You may add a teaspoon of honey to the paste. Take a tablespoon of this as needed.

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8. Maple syrup

Yes, maple syrup too may help in relieving cough. Add 1tbs of baking soda into half cup of maple syrups and mix them well. Later, take a spoonful of this each time needed.

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9. Onions

Grate an onion into a bowl and add 3tbs of honey. Allow it to sit until the syrup forms. Strain this, and take a teaspoon each time needed. This is a traditional Bosnian remedy and works every time.

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10. Ginger + lemon + honey

Make some homemade ginger tea. Strain it into a cup. Later, add 3tbs of lemon juice and 2tbs of honey into the tea. Mix well and sip it warm. This will also bring an instant relief to your cough.

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These are few of the traditional and simple home remedies that really work. But however if your cough persists, you might want to have it checked with the doctor. Your doctor might suggest you some treatments depending on the types of cough you have been having. If there are any other home remedies for cough relief that you know, do share them with us.