6 Most Effective Ways To Handle Anxiety Attacks / Panic Attacks

Anxiety Attacks : Remember those days when you’re officially done with your major examinations, and get really anxious thinking about the results? You get so anxious that you lose your appetite, begin vomiting, become unable to sleep and just can’t stop thinking about it. Perhaps it was an anxiety attack? Anxiety attack is when you become anxious or panic over certain condition and situations that frightens you. It is a type of minor disorder that can easily lead to serious conditions if you don’t learn to manage it. Fortunately, HNBT has discovered several simple ways to help you handle anxiety attacks that will make you feel in control and prevent further attacks in future.

Effective Ways To Handle Anxiety Attacks
Effective Ways To Handle Anxiety Attacks

How To Determine An Anxiety Attack / Panic Attack?

Following are few of the most common symptoms of panic attacks. Bear in mind that symptoms can be really severe and different if it is a more serious panic disorder.

  • Muscles spasms
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea
  • Shortness of breath
  • Headaches
  • Palpitations
  • Shaking and sweating
  • Hot flashes ( for women especially )

How To Handle Anxiety Attacks?


take deep breaths

1.  Take deep breaths

That is in fact the very first thing you should do. When you take deep breaths, your emotions become controlled. If you think you’re about to break down to tears, take deep breaths. It will make you feel relaxed, and provide oxygen to your brains which in return helps you focus your mind. If you’re breathing too quickly, use a brown paper bag to help slow down your breathing.

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take a walk

2.  Take a walk

It does not necessarily have to be a walk, you can try several other physical activities that you would enjoy doing; swimming, jogging, cycling, skating, hiking, dancing or aerobics. This will help you cope up with anxiety better, and prevent further attacks too. When endorphins are released, your anxiety will reduce slowly.

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say positiv things

3.  Say positive things

When you say negative things to yourself, you will feel discouraged, and that will only make your anxiety worse. Think positively. For an example, if you are about to perform on a stage (and you’re anxious about it), rather than saying things like “ I might trip or fall, I can forget my lines or I am not as good as others”, you should say “ I will do well, I will do better, I will be the best”. This is another way to reduce your anxiety.

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swimming 2

4. The 21 minute cure

What we mean by the 21-minute-cure is that, you engage yourself in an activity that will help divert your mind as well as reduce your anxiety. Any activities that is in a form of workout will increase your heart rate, improve your blood flow and therefore reduce your anxiousness. You can either go for a walk, skating or even swimming for a continuous 21 minutes.

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divert your mind

5.  Replace/ divert your thoughts

It is also important that you learn to divert your thoughts or replace them with happy ones. If you are anxious about meeting someone new and the need of impressing him/her, immediately divert your thoughts to something that will make you feel better. It can be sweet memories with your pets, a good vacation with your family or happy moments with your friends. This way, you will feel better and stop worrying about the meeting. It will also prevent anxiety attacks.

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yoga or meditation

6.  Yoga/ Meditation

This will minimize your anxiety in both short and long term. You can either sign up for a yoga class, or just watch it online. Practicing meditation or yoga will help your mind focus, relax and get rid of all the negative thoughts. It enables you to think more positively and handle panic better.

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Follow these five methods to get rid of panic easily and prevent anxiety attacks in future. HNBT is sure that these methods work, and you should give it a try. Should there be any queries or feedback on panic attacks, drop them in the comment box below. We’d be really glad to hear from you!

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