Top 10 Uses and Benefits of Emu Oil – Emu Oil For Skin, Hair and Body

Home to the outbacks of Australia, withstanding the harsh climates is the flightless bird, the Emu. For years the Aborigines of Australia have used the oil of the emu to fight off skin conditions such as burns, cuts and scars. Its properties are enough to knock out all the medicines in your medicine cabinet. Read on to know emu oil benefits for your skin, hair and body.

Emu Oil Benefits and Uses
Emu Oil Benefits and Uses

Benefits of Emu Oil For Skin

The beneficiary glows nipping all skin woes in the bud.

1. Moisturizer.

Emu oil benefits skin in more ways than one. The onslaught of pollutants and chemicals exposed to your skin everyday robs it of its natural oils. Dry skin equals wrinkled skin, which in turn leads to other skin issues. Though many moisturizers may come in handy, they’re comedogenic, and result in breakouts in most cases. Emu oil, however is completely non-comedogenic, thus leaves your skin moisturized without clogging your pores. Apply it directly to your skin to maintain a well-hydrated, youthful glow.

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2. Treats Psoriasis and eczema.

Dry, itchy patches of skin often lead to eczema and psoriasis. Eczema typically is a skin inflammation, whereas psoriasis is characterized by scaly red patches of skin. Emu oil can be used to treat both, inhibiting the possibilities of the aforementioned symptoms. The anti inflammatory properties that it possesses aids in offering quick relief. Apply it topically or consume orally as a supplement to see long lasting effects. For best relief, use a combination of both topical and oral applications.

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3. Relieve Sunburn.

Dry, sunburnt skin is very difficult to deal with, due to the increased sensitivity level of the skin. A simple brush of the skin leads to irritation and sometimes burning sensation in the case of severe sunburn. Emu oil can be used to ease the effects of sunburn due to its anti inflammatory properties. It can also lighten fresh scars with time.

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4. Stretch marks, no more.

It is also the solution to those unsightly stretch marks. The fatty acids in emu oil minimize the appearance of stretch marks and firms up the skin. It is essentially transdermal, meaning it penetrates deep into the skin tissue nipping the issue in the tissue.

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Benefits of Emu Oil for Hair

Luscious thick, shiny hair is calling out to you.

1. Thick, smooth hair.

Emu oil benefits hair in many ways. Luscious locks that is smooth and silky seems to be in demand these days. As an alternative to your regular coconut or almond oil, you may use emu oil, anytime of the day! Emu oil is absorbed deeply into the scalp, improving the growth of the hair shaft. Hair that’s been pulled back or tied too tightly results in unhealthy locks, but with the help from emu oil, this can be easily combated.

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2. Hair Growth.

Hair loss too can be reinstated with the oil of the Emu. Though it doesn’t guarantee complete hair growth, it aids in regrowing shafts that have been damaged. Hair fall and hair thinning will be easier to deal with, as emu oil is highly moisturizing. Wait no longer and start using emu oil for hair loss today!

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3. Dandruff Eradication.

Emu oil treats dandruff too! If you are not aware, dandruff, if left untreated, hinders hair growth and leads to the thinning of hair. It has been known to restore your scalp’s natural health and combats other scalp conditions. With regular application of emu oil, your scalp will be moisturized, which will in turn decrease or rid completely dry flakes off your scalp, which equals dandruff-free scalp, If your dandruff is too severe, opt for over the counter dandruff shampoo that contains emu oil for best results.

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Benefits of Emu Oil for Health

Ailments are no match for this one oil.

1. Anti-inflammatory properties.

Your body’s response to an infection or injury results in an inflammation. What emu oil does in this case is reduce swelling, side by side, preventing future cell damage. It works just as well with animals too, as many veterinarians resort to this magical oil. Lack of exercise, poor diet and high level of toxins in the body are also likely to lead to inflammations. All of these can be easily combated by emu oil.

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2. Arthritis and Joint Pain.

Emu oil for pain? If you are suffering from joint pain or arthritis, a relief in emu oil you may just find. Working at eradicating swelling with its anti inflammatory properties, emu oil works from the root of the pain. Redness and swelling can be reduced when combined with curcumin for maximum healing. Apply it topically, to increase bioavailability, which shall give you the relief you are seeking.

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3. As an antioxidant and healing agent.

Vitamin E is added to Emu Oil as a natural preservative, making it an excellent antioxidant and healing agent. Emu oil also contains Vitamin A which is well known for its repairing and antioxidant properties, Linoleic Acid which is known to ease muscle aches and joint pain, Oleic Acid which is a skin rejuvenator and Terpenes which are known antiseptics. Consume emu oil as supplements and watch your health improve overall!
Emu oil is very concentrated, hence a little can go a long way. Also, when purchasing the oil, make sure it is from a trusted source. Before resorting to emu oil, please consult a doctor to ensure it is safe for you to consume.

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Say goodbye to your health woes with this one oil.

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