Recommended List of 9 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

foods to avoid during pregnancyHave anyone told you about the list of foods you should avoid eating when you’re pregnant? Did you know that some food can poison your unborn baby, or harm them? This is because their immune system is not strong to fight against bacteria and viruses. Due to this reason, there are some foods that you should not eat to ensure the well being of your unborn baby. And this time, HNBT have decided to provide you with the list of foods to avoid eating during pregnancy:

List Of Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy


  1. Chicken wings
    Chicken wings are where the steroids will be injected into, to stimulate a faster growth of the chicken. This in return when consumed, will harm the health of your unborn baby. Your unborn baby is likely to suffer from clogged arteries, smaller penis size in boys and heart problems due to being overweight at birth. So, let go of those nasty wings, let them fly away.
  2. Cheese
    Cheeses such as brie, camembert, goats cheese and any other soft blue-veined cheeses should be avoided. This is because they were made with mould and might contain listeria bacteria that causes listeriosis. Even a mild infection of this bacteria can lead to miscarriage, stillbirth or severe illness in your newborn baby.
  3. Raw/ undercooked eggs
    But you can have them thoroughly cooked. You should also avoid eating mayonnaise since it’s made of raw eggs. Raw or undercooked eggs can cause food poisoning in your baby, and sometimes in you too.
  4. Unpasteurized milk
    This especially includes the milk from goats or sheep. Unpasteurized milk means the milk did not undergo a process of pasteurization, in which all the germs and bacteria will be killed. If only raw milk is available, make sure to boil it first before drinking.
  5. Raw/ under-cooked meat
    When you go shopping for canned/processed meat products, make sure to check the instructions to see whether the product is ready-to-eat or need to be cooked first. If it is a ready-to-eat product, freeze it for at least 2 days first before consuming, this will kill the bacteria. And avoid eating any raw or undercooked meat at the same time. Cook thoroughly until no trace of blood or pink is left.
  6. Vitamin A
    Whereas taking many types of vitamins can be very good for your unborn baby and you, things are not at all the same with Vitamin A. Did you know too much of Vitamin A can actually harm your baby’s growth? Hence, avoid consuming Vitamin A supplements during pregnancy. Also, avoid eating liver products (including fish liver oil) as they are rich with this vitamin.
  7. Fish
    By fish, we mean certain type of fishes such as tuna and oily fish. You should also completely avoid eating shark, swordfish and tile fish. They contain high amount of mercury which causes severe food poisoning and harms your baby too. Also, don’t eat raw shelfish ( such as prawns, crabs, oyster, clams and many more).
  8. Alcohol
    Of course, alcohol is bad for your unborn baby. It will affect your baby’s growth and development. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy will also make your baby anemic at birth, with low blood pressure.
  9. Caffeine
    Caffeine is a huge no-no when you’re pregnant. More caffeine consumed = low birth weight of your baby. And too much of caffeine has also caused miscarriage in some women. You can have tea though, but not more than 150mg in a day. Go for organic green tea. It keeps you, and your baby healthy.


During pregnancy, it is advisable for you to munch on more veggies, peanuts and consume a lot of yogurt. They are really good for your baby’s health. Also, it’s been rumored that drinking more soy milk can make your baby skin glow and help in the building of skin cells. That is all from us on foods to avoid during pregnancy. Should there be any query or feedback, drop them in the comment box below. HNBT will be happy to hear from you.