Home Remedies For Lizards Infestation

How to Get Rid of Lizards? Home Remedies For Lizards Infestation

How to Get Rid of Lizards? – There is nothing more unnerving than seeing a lizard smirking at you from the wall when you enter a room. If your house is infested with lizards you will agree that they walk around and make themselves comfortable as if they own the place. In fact, eliminating these pesky pests is easier said than done. Sure, there are a number of repellents that claim to keep lizards away, but seldom do they work and are mostly loaded with harmful chemicals. So, what is your next best bet in getting rid of them? Yes, HOME REMEDIES! There are a few foolproof home remedies that will help you get rid of these slithery pests without contaminating your home with poisonous chemicals. Read on for some of the best tried and tested remedies to keep your home creep-free!

Before we give out the best remedies to keep lizards at bay, let us familiarize you with the reasons behind lizards frequenting your home.

  1. Small insects or bugs in your home can attract lizards.
  2. A dirty kitchen is an open invitation to insects that in turn will lure in the pesky lizards.
  3. Dark and dingy rooms make a comfortable abode to lizards, who thrive in dark corners.

Now, time for the home remedies.

How to Get Rid of Lizards at Home?
How to Get Rid of Lizards at Home?

13 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Lizards

1. Egg Shells

As queer as it may sound, lizards are repelled by the smell of eggs. The next time you make yourself an omelet, retain the shells. Strew them around your home, especially in dark corners behind furniture and near the windows. This will keep lizards from entering and making your home theirs.

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2. Coffee Powder

This is yet another potent home remedy to keep lizards at bay. All you need to do is to combine coffee powder with tobacco powder and make small balls out of them. Stick these balls into toothpicks and place them around your home. These death balls will lure lizards and kill them almost instantly. Be sure to dispose of the bodies immediately, especially if you have pets and children at home.

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3. Garlic

If you are one of those many people who find garlic smell pungent, guess what, you have company! Apparently your creepy friend detests it too. Simply hang garlic at doors and windows to prevent lizards from entering your home. Alternatively, you may also make a spray of water and garlic juice and use it in case the infestation is severe.

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4. Pepper Spray

You can zap even lizards with this spray. The best part about this spray is that it’s easy to make and is completely chemical-free. Simply mix a gallon of water with ground pepper and chili powder. Spray the spicy solution around the home, particularly the dark areas, and you will see the number of lizards reduce dramatically.

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5. Onion

Inexpensive and effective! That’s just how good onions are in this case. Similar to the garlic remedy, hang onions around your home to keep it lizard-free. These pesky pets detest the smell of onion and will find their way out of your home on their own!

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6. Tabasco Sauce

Just like onion, pepper and garlic, Tabasco sauce makes a great lizard repellent. Lizards hate the odor that the sauce emanates and thus will keep away from your home. Mix two large tablespoons of the sauce with water in a spray bottle and use it generously. Spray the mixture around the house to eliminate lizards for good.

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7. Naphthalene Balls

This is a remedy that works like a charm in combating with almost all household pests. They have never failed in keeping cockroaches and bed bugs at bay, and it turns out to be that they work their charm in repelling lizards too. Simply stash a few balls around your home, in your cupboards and in kitchen shelves to keep lizards from multiplying. Buy Naphthalene Balls now.

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8. Fly Paper

Tired of trying remedies that do not seem to work? Then, fly paper is what you need to resort to! Stick fly paper in parts of the house that are frequently visited by the pest, like around light sources, corners of the walls, behind cupboards etc. They will get stuck to the paper, making it easier to throw them out.

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9. Chase them out

If you are brave enough to pick up the broom and chase them out, then there is no better way to get rid of lizards. These pesky pests are scared of humans, and you can easily chase them out of the door with a long broomstick.

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10. Cold Water

Okay, cold water during summer sounds like fun, but it is not as fun to these pests. Lizards are highly sensitive to temperature and become immobile when they are subjugated to a sharp change in temperature. Use this trivia to your benefit. The next time you see a lizard walking up the wall, splash some cold water on it. While it is in shock, simply collect it in a dustpan and throw it out.

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11. Bird Feathers

Birds feed on lizards, thus act as an effectual home remedy to get rid of lizards at home. Hang a few bird feathers in the house, and the lizards will think there are birds in the vicinity. This will scare them right out of your door and keep them from re-entering your home again.

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12. Cardboard boxes

For those of you who do not want to kill or harm insects, here is a remedy that can help you nab lizards without causing them harm. When you see a lizard, corner and trap it into a cardboard box. Once you have caught the lizard, cover the box with a lid and throw it out.

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13. Mouse Trap

They nab rats, and can help you nab lizards too. Place mouse traps near doorways and other spots in your house that is frequented by lizards. The trap is bound to catch a few lizards, which will need to be disposed of as soon as possible.

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These superb home remedies have been recommended by users across the world. They are simple, highly effective and rather affordable. If your house is infested with lizards, now is the time that you tried these out and bid farewell to your foes for good!