Benefits of Glycerin

Benefits of Glycerin

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  1. Sahil Sethi Reply

    i also like this

  2. Charmaine Hendriks Reply

    I feel and see the difference on my skin

    1. Keerthana Nair Reply

      Hi Charmaine, we’re glad it worked for you!

  3. sharanya Reply

    It so useful nice one

  4. naveed khan Reply

    hi my skin is very dry specialy chin area so how i use glycerinm?

  5. ghulamrasool Reply

    I like it

  6. Ronit Reply

    How much vegetable glycerine I need to add to one usage of daily moisturiser

    1. Keerthana Nair Reply

      If you are mixing it with your daily moisturizer, adding just a few drops will do.

  7. Rashmi murugesan Reply

    What type of glycerin want to use for face to get glow skin

    1. Keerthana Nair Reply

      Any type would do, usually purchased from the drug store or pharmacy. You might want to avoid the ones that have been mixed with other ingredients! Go for any glycerin products that contain 100% glycerin.

  8. Rashmi murugesan Reply

    What type of glycerine good for skin?

  9. Rashmi murugesan Reply

    I need glycerine name to use for the face

  10. Raymond Reply

    How do I get a natural glycerine for purchase. Great! If you could recommend a site or a company.

    1. Keerthana Nair Reply

      Hi there Raymond, you can purchase glycerin from almost all drug stores and pharmacies.

  11. donna watson Reply

    Where can I buy this product pleas

    1. Keerthana Nair Reply

      Hi Dona, you can purchase it from your local pharmacies.

  12. Hodapp Margaret Reply

    My understanding is that there are two types of glycerin. One is animal based and one is vegan. Of importance is anyone with a nut allergy. I would like to know how you can tell the difference between the two and also if it is completely safe to take internally, how much to take (how sweet is it compared to sugar?), and finally how many calories is taken internally? Thank you!

    1. Keerthana Nair Reply

      Hi there, apologies for the delayed response! The glycerin that’s commonly available is usually vegetable glycerin, the food grade one. You may check the labels, or ask the manufacturer to know more on its ingredients. Glycerin is said to contain up to 4 calories per gram, and its sweetness is 60% of sugar. Hope this helps.