How To Choose Right Bra Size

Simple Guide To Choosing The Right Bra Size

How To Choose Right Bra Size
How To Choose Right Bra Size

No women deserve to wear an ill-fitting bra. It is extremely crucial that the bra you wear gives you the perfect comfort, shape and confidence. Put on your bra, and stand in front of the mirror. Do you see your breasts spilling out of the cup? Or is there in your cup plenty of room for a bigger breast? Well then, it is high time that you went shopping for your perfect bra. These are some of the signs that you are not wearing a proper bra. To help you out, HNBT has decided to share some tips to help you determine the right cup and bra size.

5 Signs You’re Not Wearing The Right Bra Size

  1. The back of your bra keeps riding up
  2. Constantly pulling and adjusting your straps
  3. Dark or red mark as an after effect of tight straps
  4. Breasts spilling out of the cup and excessive flash spiking under your armpits
  5. Extra room in cup

Ways To Determine Your Bra Size

Get it Measured


A. Bra Size

  • Measure around the bottom area of your breasts with your bra on.
  • If you get an odd reading, add 5 inches to your measurement. Or should you get an even reading instead, add 4 inches.
  • For example, if the measurement is 31’, then you should add 5 inches to it, which makes it 36.
  • That will be your bra size.


B. Cup Size

  • To determine your cup size, you should measure around the centre line of your busty area.
  • Then, find the difference between your bra size (which you measured in A) and busty area measurement.
  • For example, if your busty area measurement is 36, 36”-36”=0”.
  • If the difference is 0”, this means your cup size is A. If it is 1” instead, then your cup size is B, and it follows.

bra cup size

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Functions of Different Bra Types



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Now that we have shared with you the easiest tips to choosing the right bra, go ahead and start shopping now. Remember, a well-fitted bra also equals healthy breast growth. Know the importance of wearing the right bra size.

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