13 UNTOLD Health Benefits of Sex You Must Know

13 Untold Health Benefits of Sex


Sex, or love making is something that all of us are fond of. But little do people know that sex has some amazing yet not-much-known health benefits. So this time HNBT brings to you 13 Health Benefits of sex that you should definitely know.

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13 untold Health Benefits of Sex 

Weight Loss

1.Weight Loss
Regular sex keeps your body toned, strengthens our muscles and burn calories. We have a list as how much calorie is lost in various stages of having sex :

  • Kiss- 68 calories per hour
  • Undress – 8 calories per hour
  • Using your hands – 100 calories per hour
  • Romantic Dancing – 103 calorie per half-hour
  • Massage – 80 calories per hour
  • Oral sex – 100 calories per half-hour
  • Sex – 144 calories per half-hour

Source : Womansday


Good Mood
2.Mood Buster
Regular sex helps release the feel-good hormones which helps is boosting mood in a far better way than those anti-depressant drugs.


glowing skin
3.Glowing Skin
Sex releases estrogen and testosterone. The former helps in making the skin look softer and hair shinier while the latter helps in looking young. Study also reveals that regular sex will help you look a decade young. No idea why. Perhaps because your soul is happier?


immune system
4.Strengthens the Immune System
Who would have ever thought? Researchers say that people who have sex two to three times a week showed comparatively higher levels of immunoglobulin A(lg A). If you don’t know about lg A, worry not, we will tell you. They are a type of antibody that form that barrier which inhibits the germs from entering our body.


Lowers blood pressure and stress
5.Lowers blood pressure and stress
Sex is said to tackle high blood pressure and stress. The intimacy and love that you share with your partners helps get rid of all your worries and tension which in turn also lowers your blood pressure.


6.Sound Sleep
Sex helps in the release of prolactin and oxytocin (during orgasm) which helps in sleep. It also allows your muscles to relax and function better throughout the next day.

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healthy body - women
7.Improved Health condition for women
Regular sex helps in proper vaginal lubrication, elasticity, painless periods and better bladder control.


healthy body - men
8.Improved Health condition for men
Men who have sex or masturbate 21 times a month have been reported to have low chances of prostate cancer. How crazy is that?


Sex is the ultimate stage of love and relationships. It helps in keeping the fire ignited between couples. Thanks to the release of the love hormones i.e oxytocin.


10.Painkiller for your pains
Sexual intercourse has been reported to release pain-releasing hormones which tackles back and leg pain, arthritis, menstrual cramps or headaches triggered by migraine.


A study says that people who have sex for at least twice a week have less chances of having a heart disease ( by 40%) compared to those who don’t.


12. Brains efficiency
We all know that drinking water daily gives a fresh supply of water to our brain cells( which mostly are made up of water too). Likewise, regular sex help increase the blood supply to brains, thereby ensuring the efficiency of your brains.


13.Improves imagination
Sex is actually pretty imaginative. It requires as much creativity as drawing or anything similar.

Source : Mercola

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We are pretty sure that you were not aware of these amazing benefits that can be obtained by just having sex. Follow us for more interesting articles!