How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs At Home?

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs At Home? | How To Kill Bed Bugs?

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs? : Bed bugs are pretty difficult to rid, thus always putting our patience to the test.  And even if you successfully get rid of them, they just somehow keep coming back. Over the years, they have developed resistance to some extent toward some of the regular insecticides, making it even harder to get rid of bed bugs nowadays. It is also said that these pests do not just party in your bed. Apparently, they can live without blood for several months, making them possible to be found at every nook and cranny of your home ( even in the cracks of a concrete wall). Fortunately, we, at HNBT have some tricks up our sleeves to help you get rid of bed bugs, well maybe not so easily, but for certain.

Before learning the tricks, allow us to first explain to you why you should exterminate these blood-sucking pests for good.

  • They are pests! The fact that they are pests itself is more than sufficient for you to take action. Pests are harmful, pests don’t belong to your home.
  • When bitten by bed bugs, an allergic reaction is likely to occur-including skin rash. You will be left with bumps, similar to that of a mosquito bite. But the only worse part is, the bumps stay longer, and are prone to scarring.
  • They exacerbate asthma. Bed bugs shed skin as they grow. And if you are asthmatic, you are likely to develop high sensitivity to not just dusts and fur, but also the shed skins and casing of insects.
  • Possible infection. I think we all saw this coming. But the infection does not source directly from the bug bite. It’s all the scratching and surrounding bacteria that transforms the bite into an infection.
  • Increased risk of anemia. In a case study, it has been determined that iron deficiency alone does not lead to anemia. Apparently, people with exposure to other risk factors of anemia, have high possibility of becoming anemic, with prolonged and frequent bug bites.
How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs At Home?
How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs At Home?


How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?


1. Do the inspection

To identify the infested areas, try to look thoroughly for brownish nymphs or the bed bugs themselves. Don’t stress out if you can’t locate them, it is pretty normal as they are experienced hiders. You may use a magnifying glass and a flashlight to locate them faster.

Another way is to look for blood droppings, usually brown in color because they dry out swiftly. The part of mattress with unexplainable brown stains is sure to be infested by bed bugs.

Do dismantle your bed, and scan through the bed frames. Like we told you, bed bugs do not just hang out in your bed. They refuge at wood and concrete too. Hence, do not miss inspecting the other parts of the house; drawers, cracks on wall, cabinets, sofa.

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2. Determine the extent of infestation by bed bugs

Now that you have examined every part of the house, try to determine how severely the areas are infested. If it’s an item and is heavily infested, chances are that you cannot treat it immediately. Several experts suggest that you seal them in a bag and keep them separately for some time until all the active bugs are dead. The length of time needed may vary, but usually takes up to a year.

Treating a severely infested mattress especially can be very difficult. Hence it is always the best to discard the mattress and get a new one. However, remember to clear the other infested areas before you bring in a new mattress or furniture.

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3. Kill the bed bugs

This is the fun part, but also requires a lot of patience. Any steps suggested here must be practiced frequent and consistently to ensure the infestation does not recur. Below is the list of methods or home remedies to remove bed bugs / kill bed bugs.

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Home Remedies to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Naturally – How To Kill Bed Bugs?


1. Wash to get rid of bed bugs

Grab all your bed sheets, curtains, sofa cover, carpet and all the other washable items and wash them in hot water. Also, dry them on the hottest dryer setting. Note: Bed bugs usually get killed at the heat of 50 degree Celsius.

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2. Brush to get rid of bed bugs

If you have a thick, stiff brush, use it on your mattress, sofa, carpet or curtains in a back-and-forth motion. The brushing process will remove all the bugs off the fabric to some extent before you start vacuuming them.

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3. Vacuum to get rid of bed bugs

This covers all the areas in the house, including the little cracks and holes on walls or your furniture. Try to opt for a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter to prevent the release of dusts and pests back to the air. Once vacuumed, seal the vacuum bag and throw it into an outdoor trash bin.

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4. Steaming to get rid of bed bugs

Steaming is great to get rid of bed bugs, especially for items that cannot be washed such as mattress. You may use any device that generates dry steam and point it to all the corners and edges of the infested area. Try to steam daily for best results. The steam should suffocate the bed bugs and slowly kill them and their nymphs.

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5. Spray insecticide to get rid of bed bugs

This step comes in last, after all the brushing, vacuuming and steaming is done. Make sure to check the label and use it only as directed. For instance, some pesticide is only for wood use, thus is not appropriate to be used on fabric or mattress.

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6. Lavender oil to kill bed bugs at home

Lavender oil is more of a repellent than a killer. It is said that bed bugs are intolerant to the fragrance and taste of herbs too, giving way for lavender to play its role. Pure lavender oil has a stronger scent and is more pleasant to inhale (for humans) than any other herbal oil. Simply rub it on your furniture, and spray it on fabric to get rid of bed bugs.

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IMPORTANT: Seal devices ( used to rid bed bugs) that cannot be washed in a plastic bag. As for the washable items, ensure to wash them with hot water.


Practise these measures consistently, and you will be sure to rid the nasty bugs in no time. Should there be any other tricks that you know to get rid of bed bugs, do not hesitate to share them with us. Thank you!