How To Get Rid Of Body Odor?

How To Get Rid Of Body Odor?

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  1. Latonda Reply

    I have a smell that i can’t snell

  2. Wanda Reply

    I have a body oder that is so strong, bathing two and three times daily does not work.

    1. Keerthana Nair Reply

      Hi Wanda, have you tried lemons yet?

  3. UNJA Reply

    When i bath after sometime there is a stinking odor.what’s your solution

    1. Keerthana Nair Reply

      Hey there Unja. Try using deodorants that contain lemongrass extract. Also, try soaking your body in water mixed with apple cider vinegar. It helps balance your body’s pH.

  4. favour Reply

    I have body odor that is too strong bathing three or four times daily yet is not working

    1. Keerthana Nair Reply

      Do consider the other remedies listed below, and if none of them work, opt for salt based deodorants and anti-bacterial body soap. Hope this helps!

  5. betrice Reply

    Hi, i have a problem, whenever i put spray over my body, i do smell it myself, but when am around people then people will start clossing their nose and starting to be fluwish so.. so i dont know what is wrong me. pleas help.

  6. Donna Reply

    I have a body odor that comes back after showers. How do I get rid of it naturally.