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How To Whiten Teeth? – Top 6 Homemade Teeth Whiteners

How to whiten teeth?- There are certainly many ways to do that. You can either use a home made natural teeth whitener, or teeth whitening strips, gels and many other products that are available in the stores. Having a whiter teeth means you have a beautiful smile too. Some people tend to still have discolored teeth regardless of how many times they brush a day, or what toothpaste they use. This is because they develop the habit of smoking, or drinking too much of tea and coffee, which will stain their teeth. But worry not, we have just the solutions and tips that will help you deal with this dilemma. Here are some tips on how to make your teeth whiter.

Homemade Teeth Whiteners
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How To Whiten Teeth Naturally ?- Tips & Secrets

1. Eat crunchy foods

Yes, you heard me right. Several studies has shown that eating crunchy food frequently will help remove all the sugars and chemicals stuck in your mouth, which causes stains and cavities. Eating an apple a day not only keeps the doctor away, but the dentists too. Hence, eat more apples. They contain malic acid, a natural teeth whitener. You should also eat more broccoli, carrots, and celery too.

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2. Always rinse your mouth after eating

This is very important. Remember to always gargle your mouth with water after eating. It will help prevent any staining or decay by removing all the leftovers of food and residue.

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3. Eat more cheese

This may sound ridiculous, but trust me, it does a lot of favor. Studies has shown that eating a bit of cheese after a meal can help prevent tooth decay and mineralize the tooth enamel. Since enamel is the outermost layer, it is important to ensure that it is kept white and clean because it is responsible to determine the color.

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4. Brush and floss

This plays a very big role and keep away from any form of cavities. Flossing or using  whitening strips will not only remove the stains, but also keeps your gums healthy.

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5. Always chew on sugar free gums (with xylitol)

Xylitol helps prevent the formation of plaque besides neutralizing the pH of your saliva and mouth. Chewing on this gums can also freshen your breath.

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How To Whiten Teeth At Home – Homemade Teeth Whiteners

How To Whiten Teeth; Tips & Homemade Teeth Whiteners
How To Whiten Teeth

It is amazing what you can do with the ingredients you have in the kitchen. Here are some methods using the things you have at home(kitchen).

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

This works all the time. All you got to do is brush your teeth with apple cider vinegar. It will remove all the stubborn stains that no toothpaste could remove-mainly the stains caused by nicotine and caffeine. But remember to brush again with a non fluoride toothpaste.

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2. Strawberries

Many say this works miracles. You can either rub a half cut strawberry directly or just make a paste out of it. Mash about 4 strawberries and just apply them onto your teeth. Later rinse your mouth and brush again with a regular toothpaste.

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3. Lemons

Lemons are natural bleaching agents after all. Mix the juice of a quarter of a lemon with a pinch of salt. Later rub this all over your teeth and rinse. Make sure to brush after that, as the acid from the lemons can dissolve your enamel and make you susceptible to cavities.

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4. Raisins

Eat raisins daily. It prevents the build-up of the plaque and rinses it away. It is beneficial for your muth and also your brains. Raisins is a perfect substitute for whitening strips.

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5. Baking soda

Another secret natural ingredients is baking soda. It is an incredible bleacher. Just take about half teaspoon of baking soda and mix it with a small pinch of salt and half cup of water. use this as a mouth rinse. However, do not gargle for more than a minute, and do this only twice a week.

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6. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a perfect natural product. Who would have ever thought? The lauric acid found in coconut oil can kill the bacteria in plaque that makes the teeth yellow. It also keeps your breath fresh and promotes gum health. All you got to do is swish the oil around your teeth for about 15 minutes. Later spit it out. Remember to do this every morning , before brushing.

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These are all the tips and secrets that we know on how to whiten your teeth. But however, remember not to use too much of whitening strips. They may work overnight, but too much of it can cause harm. And always remember to use the right toothpaste and toothbrush. Also, avoid frequent consumption of caffeine and nicotine if you really wish to have a white smile. If there are any other tips how to keep your teeth white. that you know, do share them with us.
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