How to Get Bigger Boobs?

How to Increase Breast Size Naturally? Home Remedies to Get Bigger Boobs

How to Increase Breast Size? : Not every woman is naturally endowed with a voluptuous pair of boobs. And many women feel inadequate with small breasts – so, if you are one of them, worry no more! Today, we present to you a number of simple tips that actually help you get bigger boobs without having to go under the knife and get them surgically enhanced.

If you are wondering how to get bigger boobs in a week, you will definitely want to read on. However, keep in mind that our bodies are not all the same, so the results to these different techniques will vary. It will generally take a couple of weeks for you to see results, but we have heard of women who increased their cup size in just a week or two with these tips!

How to Get Bigger Boobs?
How to Get Bigger Boobs?


How to Increase Breast Size? Natural Ways to Get Bigger Breasts

As you know, apart from surgery, there are numerous pills and supplements that claim to increase breast size. But to be honest, we do not recommend them at all. They have multitude side effects and hardly help, really. Thus, we wanted to find a natural and safer method to get bigger boobs. After a lot of reading and research, we found three most common ways to naturally increase breast size:

  • Eating the right foods to balance, reproductive hormones
  • Working out with breast-increasing exercises
  • Performing breast massage

While you can use these natural techniques individually, you will get faster and more pronounced results when you combine all three.


1. Eating Right

The very first thing you need to do is to change your diet. Focusing on your daily diet is one of the best ways to increase your breast size naturally. Now, do keep in mind that eating these foods alone is not going to give you bigger boobs. However, when you make them a part of your daily natural breast enhancement regimen, they will definitely give you fantastic results. These foods also improved my overall health, which is a plus!

Start eating more of foods rich in Phyto-estrogen, which help in stimulating the estrogen level and help with natural breast enlargement.  These include:

  • Whole soymilk – Drink one cup of soy milk every day. A cup contains about 30 mg of a Phyto-estrogen known as flavors, which is good for you, so drink up!
  • Sesame seeds – This is loaded with a type of phyto-estrogen known as lignan. An ounce of sesame seeds contains about 11 mg of estrogen.
  • Flaxseeds – These too contain a lot of lignans. You get about 85 mg of it from an ounce. 
  • Soybeans – Rich in isoflavones, soybeans are another must-include food in your diet if you want to increase your breast size.

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2. Herbs

Did you know that certain herbs that can actually help make your breasts bigger? This will come as a surprise to many. But once you have incorporated them into your daily diet, you will see the changes within a few weeks! These herbs trigger hormonal changes that are similar to when a woman is pregnant or lactating.

  • Fennel – This herb contains the same type of estrogen that is produced by the body during puberty and pregnancy. Dianethole, photoanethole, and anethole are the three main properties that help in better breast development. For many years, fennel has been known to help in naturally increasing breast size. The best way to use this herb, is to make a tea out of it. You may also have them cooked in addition to your meals as they have a good flavor. What’s more? They make quite a good breath freshener too.
  • Fenugreek – This is probably one of the most popular herbs ever used to grow bigger breasts. They are popular for natural breast enhancement due to certain properties such as diosgenin, which helps increase estrogen in the body. It imitates the hormonal effects produced by lactation, making your breasts bigger. If you do not like the taste of fenugreek, simply pop in 2 to 3 fenugreek supplements every day.
  • Blessed thistle – Known for its medicinal properties, blessed thistle is used as a remedy for many ailments and conditions. It is known to be an effective herb for increasing breast size. It works the same way it boosts milk flow in breastfeeding mothers. This herb can be consumed in supplement form as well.

Remember to make sure that you use these herbs only after consulting your doctor, especially if you are under any medications.  They may be natural and safe on their own. But when taken together with other herbs or drugs, they could cause an adverse reaction and pose a threat to your health.

Apart from these, we also recommend that you eat more broccoli, kale, cabbage, Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, oranges, peaches, cherries, strawberries, melons, raisins, lean beef, eggs, shrimp and fish like salmon, which is terrific as it is packed with omega-3 fatty acids. Consume more whole grain-based foods and eliminate white breads and pastas from your diet for best results.

It is important that you get enough protein and vitamins A, C, and E. By eating healthier and getting the nutrients you need to increase breast size, you will not just see an increase in cup size, but also feel more energetic and fresh throughout the day. The benefits do not end just there! Apparently, your skin will appear soft, nourished and supple too.

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3. Working Out

If you are looking for more methods on how to increase breast size, exercise is what you need. Certain exercises will help in making your breasts appear bigger, more shapely, firmer and perkier.

The breasts consist of fatty tissue. Hence the amount of fat you store in your breasts plays a part in determining how big they are. Some of the factors that influence the amount of fat that gets stored in your breasts include age, genetics, weight and health. There are also muscles called pectorals that rest right below your breast which are as equally important in determining how perky your boobs appear to be. Upon extensive research, we found that some of the best exercises to help make your breasts bigger include chest press, side swerves, push ups, pectoral flys, incline flys.

Here are two exercises that worked the best in increasing boobs size. You can try any of these and see which ones work best for you.

a) Chest Presses – This is one of the most effective exercises to help build your pectoral muscles.

  • First, lay down flat on your back, with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground.
  • Hold a pair of dumbbells in both hands. Make sure that you can handle them. Use either 5 or 10 pound dumbbells.
  • Next, bend your knee at a 90 degree angle, and using your chest muscles, lift the dumbbells towards the ceiling until they touch each other.
  • Perform 2 to 3 sets of 15 to 20 reps at least 3 times a week.

b) Side Swerves – This is one of our favorite exercises – it helps in toning up the chest muscles and will make your breasts look firmer.

  • First, sit down with your back kept straight.
  • Place your arms on hips and turn towards your left as much as possible.
  • Hold this position for a minute and then reverse to the other side.

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4. Massaging

A breast massage is the third best method that can be used to increase breast size and maintain its health. The first thing that you need to do is to pick a good breast massage cream. There are a wide range available on the market to choose from. We suggest a cream made of natural, skin friendly ingredients. In case of a tight budget, simply use virgin coconut or olive oil found in your kitchen pantry. Similar to exercises, breast massage too requires some techniques and skills. You can easily perform these massages at any time of the day at home.

  • The swirling motion
  • The breast rolling motion
  • The lift and shape motion
  • The pumping motion

Some breast massage creams come with specific directions on how to use the cream, so make sure that you read the label prior to application. Use it as regularly as recommended.

Massaging your breasts also gives you other benefits, including:

  • It reduces the risk of cancer as it helps in removing harmful toxins from the lymphatic system.
  • It prevents sagging and thus, in turn shapes your breasts.
  • It stimulates blood circulation, which is essential to keep breast tissues healthy.
  • It helps in soothing pain that is associated with breast scarring.

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5. Pueraria Mirifica – According to a study conducted at Thailand’s Chulalongkorn University, pueraria mirifica can effectively help in increasing breast size up to 80%. It contains phytoestrogens such as miroestrol, deoxymiroestrol, and genistein, which are known to play a role in balancing hormone levels. When the hormone levels are balanced, a woman’s body including her breasts will develop healthily.
Pueraria mirifica can be found in gels, topical creams, oral tablet or capsule form and soaps. For oral dosage, 250mg twice a day is recommended. If you are using topical products, apply it to the breast area two times a day for 3 to 5 minutes until it is fully absorbed. To achieve the desired results, you should follow the treatment for about 3 months.

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6. Wheat Germ OilWheat germ oil is also known to be effective for breast enlargement and creating a fuller profile. It increases blood flow to the breast area and ensures proper oxygen and nourishment for proper metabolism. This helps in enhancing breast size. Rich in Vitamin E, wheat germ oil also prevents sagging breasts and helps in keeping them firmer for a longer period.

  • Take a few drops of wheat germ oil in your hands and massage into your breasts, in circular motions for about 10 minutes.
  • Follow this treatment 2 to 3 times every day to see desired results within a month. 

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7. Saw Palmetto – This is another popular herb for women who want to enhance their breast size. Although it is unclear, its breast-enhancing effects might come from the fatty acids and phyto-nutrients that it contains. These stimulate the development of breast tissue and thereby improve the size and appearance of breasts.
Saw palmetto is usually available in the form of oral tablets, capsules and tea. If you are taking it in supplement form, you should start with 160mg containing 85-95% lipids and sterols, twice daily. As for tea, 2 to 3 cups a day is best recommended until results are visible.

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8. Wild Yam – Naturopathic physicians recommend wild yam for breast enlargement. It contains phytoestrogens, which encourage the growth of breast tissue. You can have it as tea or in capsules to increase the size of your breasts. Wild yam cream can be used to massage your breasts so that the progesterone gets absorbed and enhance breast tissue growth. Massage twice daily for several months to get visible results in breast size.

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Bonus Infographic – Foods to Increase Breast Size

How to Increase Breast Size Naturally
Foods to Increase Breast Size Naturally – Source

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If you have been wondering on how to increase breast size naturally your entire life, you have the answers now. All you need to do is eat the right food, perform the right exercises and massage consistently.

The best thing about  increasing your breast size naturally is the positive effects on your general health and well-being that comes along with it. In just a few days, you will feel a world of difference – physically and mentally. You will actually feel a change in your moods too. You will feel much lighter and rejuvenated.

Then of course, you will find your cup size growing, which will make you want to jump in joy! If you want to experience all of this and more, do give these methods a try! Let us know how it worked for you

Warning : Consult your doctor before taking any kind of supplement.