Know What Your Pee Says About Your Health – Infographic

Have you ever thought about checking the color of your urine? We know you probably don’t want to be stuck in the toilet for too long, but take an extra second or two to figure out what your pee looks like. We already know our poop can send messages about health, but did you know that checking out your urine is just as significant?

Your urine is the window to your health, and can divulge important details about your body’s status if you would pay attention to the color. From how hydrated you are to the quality of your diet to the presence of something dangerous in your body, so don’t ignore it. This is because all the stuff that’s happening within your body eventually makes its way out through your urine.

How do you take the messages contained in your urine and translate them into actionable steps to take for your health? So, what exactly is your pee trying to say? Find out in the infographic below. This can help you interpret the cues you can find in your pee.

Know What Your Pee Says About Your Health

Human urine has been a useful tool of diagnosis since the earliest days of medicine. The color, density, and smell of urine can reveal much about the state of our health. Your urine gives good indication on the status of your body, from how hydrated you are, to whether you may have some serious disease and should see a doctor.  Here, for starters, are some of the things you can tell from the hue of your liquid excreta.

Know What Your Pee Says About Your Health – Infographic
Know What Your Pee Says About Your Health – Infographic

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So, the next time you take a bathroom break, consider pausing for a second before you flush — you could be sending important information down the drain!

Hope you find this article informative and has helped you better to understand your health. If you have any extra opinions, or any queries, do not hesitate to drop them in the comment box below. Thank you!

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