Benefits and Uses Of Lemon Peels

48 Mind-blowing Benefits and Uses of Lemon Peels – How To Use Lemon Peels?

I love lemons and I just hate wasting the lemon peels. I had never imagined that these little left overs would find their way into so many things. Today at lunch, as we were having salad, one of my friends came up with this topic. I was simply amazed to hear about it. So I looked up the benefits of lemon peels and have jotted down them in some points below. Here are 48 benefits of lemon peels.

Benefits and Uses Of Lemon Peels
Benefits and Uses Of Lemon Peels

Lemon Peels Benefits and Uses – How To Use Lemon Peels?

  1. Lemon has citric acid in them, thus with baking soda it can be used to scrub off minor stains in sinks or bathtubs. For instance, sprinkle baking soda on sinks and bathtubs and leave it on for a minute or two. Then rub off the stains with a lemon peel. Wash off to get your new sink or bathtub.
  2. The citric acid that is left in the lemon peel can also be used as a scrub to clean utensils. Put a handful of lemon peels into the dishwasher and you can get a set of very nice smelling dishes. Also you can use a lemon peel directly on some stubborn stains to get rid of them.
  3. Also, it can be used to remove grease/sweat stains on clothes. But for this the lemon peel won’t be sufficient. When you squeeze the lemon, rub the remains on the grease or sweat marks. Leave them over night. Wash off  the next morning.
  4. The mild action of the acids present in lemon peel can be used to clean the cutting board. While the fresh smell of the onions will make the smell of onion, garlic,etc vanish and prevent them from mixing with other food materials.
  5. The lemon peel can be dried, grated and used in soups or broths for a wonderful essence.
  6. Rubbing lemon peels on your nails will whiten or brighten the dull nails. The mild action of the citric acid will do all the wonders. Just take a lemon after its squeezed. Rub it on your nails.
  7. Vitamin C present in the lemon peels help treat flu, sore throat, cold, etc. For this, you may eat the lemon peel raw.
  8. It also cures osteoporosis, bone fractures, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory polyarthritis, osteoarthritis, bone fracture, etc on raw consumption as it contains calcium (which is necessary for good bones) along with Vitamin C.
  9. It can also be placed in dustbins to control the foul smell, hence flies. A lot of diseases can be prevented by this.
  10. It’s an effective way to whiten and brighten your dull teeth. The mild acid in the peel will help vanish the thin layer of bacteria on the teeth.
  11. Tea/coffee pots sometimes tend to get stubborn stains. Fill them up with water and add a couple of lemon peels. Boil the water and you can get rid of the stains. If some stains persists, you may let the water stand overnight.
  12. Lemon peel along with a pinch of salt can be used to get rid of dark lips in winters. This is a very effective way to get rid of the dark and scaly lips which sometimes the winter gift us. Just take a peel, put a pinch of salt in it and rub on your lips.
  13. The following use of lemon peel is very common in every household. It’s rubbed over dry elbows to sooth and smooths them. It leave behind a very supple and soft and clean skin on regular use. I have been ding this from a very young age and have seen remarkable results.
  14. Lemon peels places at windowsills, door entrances and any sorts of cracks will prevents pest and ants to get in. Ants particularly hate lemons. So your ant problem is gone for sure. Also lemon peels will help you keep away roaches and fleas.
  15. Places lemon peels with your chicken while roasting. It leaves behind a wonderful smell. Also it gives a lip smacking taste to your chicken.
  16. It also helps in lightening the skin and tightening the pores. Again, the mild acid is responsible for this.
  17. It will also help you recover from travel sickness.
  18. It’s an effective tool for cleaning grater. Just take a slice of peeled lemon. Rub it on the grater. This use is somewhat similar to Point No. 4. It helps of getting rid of the onion or garlic smell from the graters.
  19. Make a powder of dried up lemon peels and pepper and it will act as an excellent seasoning.
  20. Lemon peels contain Vitamin C which also neutralizes the free radicals. Free radicals result in a number of body ailments such as heart problems, swelling, ageing and certain types of cancers.
  21. It keeps a check on heart related diseases like strokes, heart diseases and heart attacks.
  22. The polyphenol flavonoids are responsible for keeping a check on cholesterol.
  23. High amounts of citrus bio-flavonoids help reduce oxidative stress.
  24. The citrus bio-flavonoids also play a huge role in flushing out toxins from the body.Also read :
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  25. The lemon peels contain limonene and salvestrol Q40 which protects the body from cancer. Flavanoids also keep a check on cancer. It helps us in keeping a check on colon cancer, breast cancer and skin caner.
  26. The lemon peel have enough fiber to promote healthy movement of bowels.
  27. Lemon peels can be placed in refrigerator doors to control the smell therein. So, you can now open to a fresh smelling refrigerator as compared to the previous stinky ones.
  28. Spread out lemon peels evenly in your garden to keep away stray cats from invading into your garden.
  29. Lemon peels present in your bathing water will help you feel fresh and smell great after a bath.
  30. The acid present in the lemon peel is the one responsible for all the wonders. It dissolves dead cells, excess skin on the surface of the skin and helps in reducing acne. Acne reduction is mainly because of the anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties of lemon peel. Hence it is an effective tool for acne management.
  31. Lemon peels also happen to have astrigent property by means of which it unclogs the pores, cleans then nad shrinks the pores to prevent the dirt from entering them. It also removes the excess oil from the skin.
  32. The potassium present in lemon peel helps keep a check on blood pressure.
  33. Vitamin C and Vitamin P present in the lemon peel helps to keep a check on the sugar level in the body.
  34. Lemon peel with a little amount of sugar can be used as a scrub. For this, take a couple of teaspoons of sugar, some finely chopped lemon peel and sufficient olive oil to make a paste. Massage this on your body. Wash off to get a wonderful skin.
  35. Frozen lemon peels can be used to garnish cocktails. It can be frozen before garnishing.
  36. It can be lightly rubbed on your skin as it will act as a skin tonic.
  37. In winters, if you are burning wood in your fireplace, then few pieces of lemon peels would help the wood to burn for longer period of time.
  38. Lemon peels when added to brown sugar helps to keep it moist and ready-to-use.
  39. It can be used to attain clarity and glow in your skin.
  40. It stimulates new skin growth.
  41. Lemon peels have enough of acid to make the uppermost skin layer to vanish thus also vanishing age spots.
  42. Also, hot tea with lemon peels helps fight skin cancer.
  43. It helps in accelerating weight loss and metabolism when consumed raw. Pectin is the reason behind this point. This pectin converts it into jelly which doesn’t allow the body to accept excess sugar.
  44. It can be used as a household cleaner. In order to do so, fill a jar with lemon peels and vinegar upto the brim. Keep it for 10 days. Remove the peels and use as a cleanser on ceramics, porcelain and laminated surfaces.
  45. You can make lemon peels compost by using finely chopped lemon peels by either hot composting or cold composting.
  46. Put lemon peels inside your microwave for almost 20 seconds. Use it for cleaning the microwave and stove.
  47. Chewing raw lemon peels can be used as a way to prevent bleeding gum like problems.
  48. Add a handful of lemon peels to a jar of vinegar. Let it stand for 1-2 week. Remove the lemon peels and use it as a hair conditioner. Put a teaspoon of this solution in a mug on water. Wash off your hair with it after your hair wash.
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That would be all from my side on ‘Lemon Peels’ and their various benefits. I’m sure you already know some of them but you were definitely not aware of all of it. Do try them out and share with us  your experience in the comment box below.