Natural Home Remedies to Get Soft and Pink Lips

Lip Care Tips to Get Soft and Pink Lips – Natural Home Remedies

Lip Care Tips – Soft and pink lips is a sign of good health. Also it is every girl’s dream. But sometimes bad weather tend to take a toll on your lips, making it look dry and unhealthy. Not only that, the habit of smoking, consuming alcohol and trying on different cosmetics also leaves them chapped, dark and dry. Later, this brings an impact to your self esteem, making the whole situation look like an unending dilemma. Fortunately, we have the answer to you question “How to keep Lips Healthy?” – you can achieve the luscious lips you have always wanted to have with the tips and home remedies we are about to recommend you.

Natural Home Remedies to Get Soft and Pink Lips
Natural Home Remedies to Get Soft and Pink Lips

Lip Care Tips To Get Soft And Pinkish Lips

  • Do drink plenty of water – Water is the key to having a beautiful skinand everything else that creates natural beauty. Make sure you drink 8 tall glasses of water per day. Remember that hydration is extremely important to keep lips nourished.
  • Do include variety of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet -This is another important element. Eat plenty of green vegetables and fruits that are high in Vitamin E and Vitamin B such as avocados, papayas, kiwi and berries. They also help your skin glow.
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  • Do moisturize often. Always have a lip balm in your handbag. Be sure to apply balm, or petroleum jelly every four hours to keeps your lips moisturized. This will also help to prevent darkening.
  • Don’t bite or lick – This is a really bad habit. Biting your lips constantly will leave them chapped and dark. While licking them with saliva causes drying. By avoiding this habit will really help you.
  • Don’t use cheap cosmetics – Cheap lipsticks will make them dark and dry. Instead always use a moisturizing lipstick from brands such as Revlon, Bobbi Brown, Benefit and Avon. It is also encouraged for you to coat up with some lip balm or Vaseline first before applying lipstick.
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Home Remedies For Soft Lips

Here are few magical home remedies that will give you not only soft lips, but also really attractive looking pink lips.

petroleum jelly
Petroleum jelly

1. Petroleum jelly/ Vaseline
I cannot think of anything more magical than Vaseline. It has too many beauty benefits and is definitely the easiest solution. All you got to do is dab some Vaseline before sleeping. Exfoliate your lips with Vaseline by using a toothbrush every three days. And there, you’ll have a soft and smooth lip within a week.

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2. Honey
Honey is beneficial in getting rid of those dark pigments on your lips. Applying honey constantly will make them soft and pinkish. You can also exfoliate using honey with a toothbrush to get better results.
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3. Sugar
Yes, you heard me right. Sugar is in fact the best natural exfoliant. You can use it as face scrub, and also to exfoliate your lips. To use it, mix it with a tablespoon of honey first. Then rub all over in circular motion. Leave it for 10 minutes before washing.

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4. Cucumbers

Cut the cucumber into a thin slice. Then rub the cucumber over in circular motion. Later apply some honey or Vaseline for moist. Cucumbers are said to be effective in getting rid of the dark pigment and gives you a nice pink lips. You can read more about benefits of cucumber.



5. Butter

The best olden days’ and still is remedy for luscious lips. Rub some butter before going to bed. And use a toothbrush to exfoliate the next morning. Do this on daily basis, and I can guarantee you amazingly soft lips within 3 days.

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aloe vera
aloe vera

6. Aloe vera gel
Nothing beats the gel of goodness of aloe vera. Trust me, it works magic in just a day. Dab some aloe vera gel and massage in circular motion. Later leave it to dry, and wash. And voila, the soft lips you have always wanted.
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Olive Oil
Olive Oil

7. Olive oil

I have never tired this out, but many said this works. It works the best when used with honey and sugar as an exfoliant paste. Mix a part of olive oil with a part of honey and two parts of sugar. Later rub this all over your lips for 30 seconds. Changes are noticeable within 2 days.
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I have provided you with the tips and home remedies to getting soft, pink and attractive lips. I hope these lip care tips will help you to gt rid of the chapped, dull and dark lips that you’re having. In case if there are any other soft lips remedies, tips or products that you know, please do share them.