low calorie salad - fruit

7 Delicious Cooking Secrets For Preparing A Low Calorie Salad Entree

While salads are considered to be one of the healthiest foods, full of fiber and nutrients, sometimes this low calorie alternative can actually be a high calorie indulgence! Choose the wrong dressings or toppings, and even a delicious salad can become full of unwanted calories. So if you are looking for some tips to make a low calorie salad entree to impress your friends and family that are all trying to cut back on unwanted calories, keep these simple yet effective tips in mind. Also read : 20 Healthy Snacks To Satisfy Your Growling Stomachs

Vegetable Salad
Vegetable Salad


Choose Your Toppings Well For Low Calorie Salad Entree

Salad can be a great appetizer or a complete meal by itself. However, the ingredients you choose for your low calorie salad entree will decide how nutritious and healthy it really is. Make sure you avoid any high calorie options and add a lot of greens to make your salad more filling. Here are some tips you can use:

  • Substitute any high calorie meats your original salad recipe requires with low calorie alternatives. For example, bacon can be replaced with shredded chicken without skin, sausages can be replaced with sliced smoked chicken breast and any fried meats can be replaced with grilled meats. Not only do these changes reduce the caloric configuration of your entree, these also add a wholesome, great taste.
    low calorie salad - fruit
    low calorie salad – fruit

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  • Make sure that any meats you choose are lean cuts; carefully trim away any fat or skin, cut up the meat in to small bite sized pieces and then roast/grill/poach or broil to retain flavor without having to resort to using oils to cook the meat and adding more calories in the process. Also read : 12 Reasons Why Peanut Is A Healthy Food
  • Add lots of greens to your salad. Salad leaves come in a delightfully extensive variety and you can add a bit of different leaves for the perfect crunch and also create contrasting flavors that blend perfectly with the smokiness of the meats.  Also read : Foods To Increase Memory Power
  • Go big on veggies; after all it’s a salad! If your original recipe demands croutons for crunch, replace that by adding some crunching bits of chopped carrots or cucumbers that make your low calorie salad entree as nutritious as possible. For more flavor and variety, you can even barbecue veggies like corn, mushrooms and peppers in a low fat marinade for some perfect crunch.  Also read : Top 13 Superfoods To Maintain A Healthy Kidney

Choose Your Dressings With Care for Low Calorie Salad Entree

When it comes to salads, most of the calories come from the dressing itself, especially because all of the popular dressings like Ranch dressing, Caesar salad dressing and Thousand Island dressings are BIG on calories. For a low calorie salad, you need to be a little more careful with the dressings you choose, so that you don’t add any unwanted calories to the entree, while also ensuring that these combine perfectly with the toppings for a great taste.

low calorie salad dressing
low calorie salad dressing
  • Avoid any cream or mayonnaise based dressings. The best dressing for low calorie salad entree is a simple vinaigrette dressing. To experiment, try different kinds of vinegars like balsamic vinegar, apple cider vinegar and cider vinegar.  Also read : 15 Miraculous Apple Cider Vinegar Uses and Benefits
  • If you do need a creamy dressing, opt for low fat versions. Be creative and use low fat cream cheese or low fat yogurt to come up with unique dressings of your own. Also read : 9 Iron Rich Foods To Combat Anemia
  • For seasoning, it is best to use a deliberate helping of olive oil and bring in more flavors using herbs like parsley, basil and peppermint.

That’s all for preparing a low calorie salad. Hope you find our tips helpful. Thank you for visiting us.