8 Powerful Yoga Asanas To Boost Your Stamina

Yoga Asanas To Boost Your Stamina : We all have a hectic life, even if it’s sedentary. So it’s very important to have lots and lots of stamina not only to do well in our professional life but also to enjoy our life after work. Here is a list of some yoga’s, simple and efficient to stock your stamina that will last all day long.

Yoga Asana's To Boost Your Stamina
Yoga Asana’s To Boost Your Stamina

Yoga Asanas / Yoga Poses To Boost Your Stamina and Energy


Naukasana for boosting stamina
Naukasana for boosting stamina

1. Boat Pose

Also known as the naukasana (nauka means boat and asana means pose). In this pose, you lie down on the floor. Raise your hands and feet up to a same level from the floor. Hold the pose for a while.

Other benefits of naukasana  : This pose tones up the entire body. People with fat on their body can feel the body trembling the moment this pose is done. This is very helpful as it sheds off the extra weight. This exercise is very useful for people suffering from hernia.

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Straddle Pose
Straddle Pose

2. Straddle Pose

For doing this pose, sit on the floor and stretch both your legs on either side as much as possible ( make sure you don’t hurt yourself). Stretch your hands to the front in a parallel position and place your pals on the floor. Try touching the floor in the same pose with your nose. Bend as much as you can and hold the pose. Your aim should be to hold the pose at least up to 5 minutes. (Rather than keeping your hands straight, you may also hold your feet).When you do this yoga consistently, you will see marked difference in your stamina level.

Other benefits of straddle pose : This pose opens the hips, groin and back side of thighs. It also helps stimulate ovaries in female.

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Child Pose
Child Pose

3. Child Pose

In order to do this pose, sit on the floor or mat in Vajrasan(i.e. fold your legs and sit in such a way that your ankle touches your buttocks). Slowly bend forward and touch the floor with your palms. Try touching the ground with your nose to attain perfection in this pose. When done this pose consistently, you will see marked difference in your stamina level.

Other benefits of child pose : This particular pose helps in stretching the back and spine. It relieves any sort of back pain or fatigue in the body. It also promotes a steady breathing in the body and calms the mind.

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Goddess Pose
Goddess Pose

4. Goddess Pose

In order to do this pose, stand on the floor. Bend your knees. Slowly and steadily increase the distance between them. Stretch your arms as shown in the figure below. Hold the pose.

Other benefits of goddess pose : This particular pose is very effective as it strengthens the entire body whether be it hips, calf muscles, groins or be it the arms and back. Apart from these, it also extends space in pelvic region thus creating more space for pregnant moms.

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Bridge Pose
Bridge Pose

5. Bridge Pose 

In order to do this, lie on the floor or on a mat. Place your hands by your side in such a manner that the palm touches the ground. Slowly raise your lower body upwards. (body from the hips region). Hold the pose for a while.When done this pose for a continued period, you will see marked difference in your stamina level.

Other benefits bridge pose : This Bridge Pose has many advantages. To start with, it stretches the chest, neck and pine. It also stimulates the abdominal organs, relieves sore legs, helps in digestion, relieves menstrual discomfort and symptoms of menopause.

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Sun Salutation
Sun Salutation


6. Sun Salutation 

Check our detailed article on Sun Salutation – Secret to a better life.

Other benefits of Surya namaskar : You will find all the other benefit’s of Sun Salutation in our previous article.


Plough Pose
Plough Pose

7. Plough Pose

Lie on the floor. Slowly raise both your legs and touch with your feet the ground behind your head. Hold the pose. You may hold your back as a support.

Other benefits plough pose : This pose has many advantages besides boosting your stamina. It helps during menopause for women, tones the lower body, strengthens necks, shoulders and back muscles and strengthens the immune system.

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Kapalbhati pranayam
Kapalbhati pranayam

8. Kapalbhati Pranayam :

This pranayam requires you to sit in a normal sitting pose with your legs folded, also known as the lotus pose. With forceful breathing, throw out your breathe and breathe in softly. Try to do this for at least 5 minutes non-stop. Initially it might be nearly impossible to do for almost 1 minute. But you have to pull it to 5 minutes. When done this pranayam for a continued period, you will see marked difference in your stamina level.

Other benefits of kapalbhati : This pranayam fights against hair fall, gets you a flat belly as well as blesses you with a glowing skin!

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Take a 1 minute rest after each pose. For that time slot, lie down on the floor and keep your arms and feet loose (Shavasana 0r Corpse Pose). That would be all from us in the topic ‘yoga to boost your stamina’ . If you think we have missed out any tell us in the comments below.
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