Psychological Tips for Successful Weight Loss

5 Psychological Tips for Successful Weight Loss

Psychological tips for weight loss : Consider that just last week you came back from a wedding that you really enjoyed! Eagerly waiting for the pictures, you get a set of those on your messenger, only to make you feel even more disappointed! It really looks like you finally need to push yourself and get on a weight loss program! Then it makes you wonder that you have been meaning to lose weight for a very long time, but what has been keeping you?

To much surprise, we may want to break it to you that even weight loss has a certain level of psychology associated with it! No, definitely it’s no disorder, but there are certain underlying rules, thoughts and methods that go on to decide how much, how soon and how well your weight loss intentions would turn out.

Psychological Tips for Successful Weight Loss
Psychological Tips for Successful Weight Loss

5 Psychological Tips for Successful Weight Loss


1. Goal Setting

Goal Setting - Weight Loss Psychology
Goal Setting – Psychology to Lose Weight

Whenever we talk about weight loss, the first thing that comes to our mind is to set an appropriate goal. You cannot start a journey without knowing where you intend to go! One of the most important factors in losing weight is to understand how huge of a goal is a good goal?

If your goal is too ambitious, it will exhaust you and you may probably want to give up before you even get there. If your goal is kind of meek, your mind will probably not enjoy pursuing it, because some bit of a challenge is what interests the human mind!

For example, if you are 30 kgs overweight as per your calculation from height and weight correlated charts, setting a goal of 45 kgs, or a mere 5-8 kgs are both going to lead you to a dissatisfactory outcome.

It is a better idea to choose a somewhat challenging ideal, giving a message to your unconscious mind that effort will be required, but not to the extent that you lose interest and end up making it a failed attempt.

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2. Patience

Have Patience to Lose Weight
Have Patience to Lose Weight

The bare naked truth is that unlike your favorite fast foods, weight loss results are not home delivered to you in 30 minutes! It takes consistency, persistence, efforts (both physical as well as mental) and none the less, perseverance to stimuli (factors that motivate you to binge eat, or make unhealthy food choices). Slowing down in your process of weight loss is still acceptable, but being steady is what will bring you success. Results will take time, and your mind needs to prepare to not give up with the drop of a hat.

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3. Liberty

Reward Yourself!
Reward Yourself for Losing it!

The mind is a beautiful element– in fact it’s pretty much like a small baby! No matter what age you are, you mind would always want a break from the routine. So it may seem awesome that you have been having the weighing scales dip their readings for you every now and then, but a little reward is what will keep you motivated. You can set small celebration milestones, for example, if you aim to lose 30 kgs, a small treat of your choice after you lose every 5 kgs will function as a stress buster for your body and the mind. But, it’s your job to ensure that the little baby (your brain) does not indulge too much in to candies (food of choice) as they may get you cavities! (Losses in weight loss achievements)

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4. Note That Down

Pen Down
Pen Down to Lose Weight

One activity that most weight loss trainers skip to mention is that it is quintessential that you maintain a diary or a journal on a DAILY basis! Make it a habit to pen down the exact amount of food and items taken in every meal, the amount of water consumed (glass by glass, or you can use tally marks) and the duration and intensity of exercises done.

When you record something, it makes the mind work in a stricter manner, even if the recording is for your own self. It is less likely that you will deviate from your prescribed plan, simply of the fear of “reporting” it to you diary or journal.

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5. Take that First step!

Take that first step for weight loss
Take that first step for weight loss

Of all the knowledge given, what turns out to be the biggest hindrance is the start of the weight loss plan. One simple factor that actually helps you start with your weight loss regime is to get up and get ready. Ideally, most people shy away from the gym or from a morning walk because of how they would look, or that they will have to get dressed.

But one simple piece of advice can change this for you – buy a new set of track pants and shoes, and make sure you love the color and designs. Sleep with your track suit on and as you get up from bed, immediately wear your shoes. Then sit down to decide if you really want to go! (We can bet, you sure will!)

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The psychology behind weight loss is ideally very simple, unless you get to decode the behavior of the mind. It is not very complicated really, unless you make an effort internalize the changes and techniques one may require in order to alter the brain’s perceptions.

So what are you waiting for? Time to go shopping for some great looking track suits and some funky sports shoes! Go… Go… Go!!