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Peanuts, they taste pretty good and can be really irresistible at times! You can have them as snack or just include them in your cooking. While of course, there’s always peanut butter (which is loved by all, unless you’re allergic to it). But it sure isn’t as healthy as compared to consuming it as whole. If you think that peanuts only make your acne worse, wait till we reveal to you some of the greatest health and beauty benefits of consuming peanuts! Here are 9 reasons why peanut is a healthy food.

peanuts is healthy food

12 Reasons Why Peanut Is A Healthy Food

1. It can make you drop some pounds

Peanuts are really rich in fiber and protein. Thus, it makes you feel full for longer which in turn helps you avoid consuming more calories overall. Fyi, peanuts help dieters fight cravings and keep them on track. No wonder peanut butter is called a dieter’s food. Also read : How To Lose Weight Fast?

2. Boosts energy

Did you know that peanuts contain a lot minerals, vitamins, fibers and antioxidants? When you eat 50 grams of peanuts, you are providing your body with energy that can last for a minimum of 18 hours. Also read : 51+ Amazing Health and Beauty Benefits of Honey

3. Contains good cholesterol

It contains abundance of hearty-good cholesterol, the monounsaturated fats. According to a recent study, people who consumed more monounsaturated fats had less thigh and belly fat compared to those who consumed more saturated fats.

4. Fights depression

Peanuts also contain tryptophan that is essential to stimulate serotonin level. When serotonin level is balanced, depression and stress can be combated easily. It even improves brain nerve cells, thus helping you to relax and eliminate stress at instant. Also read : Serious Sleep Deprivation Effects [Infographic]

5. Good for heart

Who would have ever thought? Not only are peanuts rich with healthy calories, they also contain resveratrol which prevents heart disease effectively. Without doubts, peanut would make a good snack for people with heart problems. It is absolutely safe for you to consume peanuts on daily basis.

6. Prevents gallstones

An ounce of peanuts a day keeps the gallstones away. It reduces the risk of gallbladder stones by 20%. Peanuts will also help in uninterrupted production of bile and improve the health of gallbladder overall.

7. Reduced risk of diabetes

According to a study, by replacing a serving of red meat with one serving of peanuts daily can reduce the risk of diabetes by 23%. This is because the nutrients in peanuts help slow the absorption of carbohydrates, and when they are consumed in the morning, your sugar level will be kept low throughout the whole day. Also read : Home Remedies for Diabetes

8. Improves fertility

They help improve your fertility overall. For women who are in their early stages of pregnancy, the folic acid found in peanuts help in reducing the risk of serious tube defects in baby by up to 70%. It benefits your baby too,

9. Prevents colon cancer 

Peanuts prevent colon cancers effectively, especially in women. Eating two tablespoons of peanut butter every twice a week reduces the risk of colon cancer by 58% in women and in men up to 28%. Now how great is that! Also read : Cervical Cancer Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

10. Reduces wrinkles and skin discoloration

Eating peanuts maintains the elasticity of your skin and makes it look young. The vitamin C present in peanuts is required to produce collagen. Collagen is what that sustains tendons, skin and cartilage. In turn, this prevents and reduces wrinkles.

11. Nourished skin

Of course, the minerals and vitamins found in peanuts themselves make your skin flawless. But there’s also another way, that is to spread some peanut butter onto your cleansed face and rinse off with warm water after it dries. It will clear away all the dirt in your skin and makes it glow. This proves that peanuts are beyond just healthy food!

12. Good for hair growth

The nutrients and Omega 3 fatty acids that are present in peanuts help maintain a healthy scalp while strengthening the roots of your hair.  They also stimulate your hair follicles, thereby promoting healthy hair growth. There’s surely no need for costly hair pills now.

Why go for costly medicine and supplements, when you can benefit so much from just peanuts? Peanut is a healthy food, and rarely does it cause acne or any other problems. We think it’s high time that you changed your perception and start eating more of it. Should there be a query or feedback, please drop it in the comment box below! Thank you for visiting HNBT.

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