Sofia Vergara’s A Hourglass: What is Your Body Shape? (For Females)

Sofia Vergara's A Hourglass Body Shape
What is Your Body Shape ?

Main Traits of a Hourglass Shape Figure.

  • Bust and hips nearly the same size.
  • Well defined waist – 9? or more smaller than bust.
  • Full Bust.
  • Shapely Legs.

Wanna Know Your Body Shape?

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  1. Sara Reply

    Sofia Vergara really have a Stunning figure but anyone knows how much effert she takes to maintain her Figure or saty in shape Peterson opened up to InStyle magazine and explained that Vergara does plenty of squats to perfect her bum. Vergara’s workout plan is balanced and Peterson ensures that all of her body parts are targeted so she can achieve an hourglass figure. The secret is that Peterson puts Vergara through compound exercises, which means more than one muscle group is being worked out at a time.