Sprig Golden Matcha Instant Green Tea Powder Review

Golden Matcha Green Tea Powder, is a Sprig product, on the lines of Japanese tea making. For novices who are not much into green tea ‘Matcha’ is a Japanese word which refers to a finely ground powder.

Being Synthite’s brainchild, Sprig is a venture into the world of premium gourmet products and ingredients. A look at Sprig’s website (https://www.sprig.co.in) and you will understand that by sitting in the confines of your house, you can now order vanilla beans from Madagascar, cinnamon sticks from Sri Lanka, herb infused olive oils from Greece or black pepper from Tellicherry. Needless to say, Sprig is intended towards delivering and being the best in the market.

Golden Match Green Tea Pack
Golden Match Green Tea Pack with handcrafted Bamboo Cha-shaku

Product Description : Golden Matcha Instant Green Tea Powder

In order to describe Sprig’s Matcha tea, I will refer to the points below:

1. Package: This tea bowls you down with its packaging. It is unlike the regular green teas where they come in sachetsbags or leaves. This one comes in a long cylindrical aluminium tube, with an integrated cap and a humidity control canister. Along with the tube, is the ‘Cha- Shaku’, which is a hand crafted bamboo spatula, used to dispense tea powder from the tube. As you can see, the length of Cha- Shaku is long enough to make sure that even the last of the remains in the container gets poured in the cup!

Sprig Golden Matcha Instant Green Tea Powder Review
Sprig Golden Matcha Instant Green Tea Powder Review

2. Price: Priced at INR 499, it might look a bit costly when compared to its peer brands, but if you are also considering quantity of tea, a pack of Sprig’s Matcha tea is enough to amaze you with the long way it can go.

3. Directions: Bring water near to a boil, then depending on intensity of flavor you like in your green tea, you can go ahead with one or two dispenses from Cha- Shaku. I like my tea light, so I go with one dispense from the Cha- Shaku, but I’ve tried with a stronger intensity as well, and they taste just as good. You barely need to stir this, as the powder is so fine that it dissolves almost instantaneously. Also, you can easily gauge the strength of the tea, from its color in addition to understanding why is it called ‘golden’.


Golden Match Green Tea
Golden Match Green Tea

4. Claims: Sprig claims this one unit of Match Green Tea, can serve up to 100 cups. I have only started to use the product recently, so I can’t say with surety as of now how true that claim will stand. However, I have inkling that it might reach the 100 cup mark, and this is based on the fact that a very small amount of this tea powder does the job!

On Sprig’s website you will also find that they suggest this product can be used with milk, liqueur, ice creams, swiss rolls etc. I haven’t experimented any of this yet.

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Product Comparison

I am an avid tea drinker, and I have tried 4 different green tea brands (Café Coffee Day’s Green Tea, Jasmine flavored green tea by Typhoo, Organic India’s Tulsi Green Tea and Sprig’s Golden Matcha) and below is my take on Sprig’s Matcha Green Tea with the rest:

1. Appearance: Sprig leads in this domain, with its innovative packaging and easy to carry design

2. Taste: I’ll rank Sprig as number two here, because as expected Matcha tea has its distinctive taste, but Organic India’s Tulsi Green Tea is unbeatable in its taste and smoothness.

3. Color: If your favorite color is golden, go for Matcha tea as the rest have a distinctive green hue. I don’t take a call on the basis of color only.

4. Smell: I’ll rank Sprig’s tea as number three here, with Organic India’s tea at number 2, and Typhoo’s tea at one. Matcha tea, has a very delicate light smell, just like it’s taste and you will have to inhale a hell lot of steam to make out a distinctive smell.

5. Price, for 100 bags:
Golden matcha green tea : INR 499
Typhoo’s jasmine green tea(100 bags) – INR 650
Organic India’s tulsi green tea(100 bags) – INR 600
CCD’s green tea – Price Unavailable
Considering the above rates, Sprig’s green tea looks like a lucrative value for money offer.

Product Golden Matcha GT Typhoo’s Jasmine GT Organic India’s Tulsi GT
Price INR 499 INR 650 INR 600
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Personally, to me, this product makes a good competitor for its peers, with an incredible art design and creative packaging. However, if asked about its taste and fragrance, I would rather rank it at the 2nd position. Overall it’s a good addition to your kitchen, and in your lives too. If you simply love trying out new varieties, this is certainly one that you cannot miss.

I would rate this 3.5 from the scale of 1 to 5 and will certainly recommend you to try it out.

Go golden with Matcha!

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