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Topics You Never Learnt in Sex Education Class [Infographic]

Sex education in schools is very important in 21st Century. According to WHO, about 16 million adolescent girls give birth every year. You can calculate the rate of teenage pregnancy across the world. This is due to lack of sex/ adult education. Every one hour, two young people will contract HIV on average. But the point is, these problems will not come to solve when you ignore the root cause. Sex education for teenagers plays a vital role for a good reproductive health.

But in most countries, sex education is highly discouraged and India is no exception from this. Recently the union health minister of India said that sex education should be banned. There are few countries that never have included sex education in their school’s syllabus and completely banned it. And if you noticed, in certain religions, teenagers are forced to take a pledge for being virgin before they marry. For your information, virgins are more prone to get affected by sexually transmitted diseases compared to those who are not. 

Law planners think that banning sex education could prevent teenagers from trying sex. It is an unfortunate thing that they refuse to think otherwise. Teenagers love to explore and try out new things as they socialize. Hence, it is a wiser decision to provide them with proper and comprehensive sex education, and leave it to the teenagers to decide what is good for them. When they are taught about the consequences and dangers of having unprotected sex or sex at young age, they would avoid trying it realizing that it is not safe. And HNBT thinks the same too. Also read : 13 Untold Health Benefits of Sex You Must Know

Sex Education – Topics you may have missed out

Sex Education
Sex Education

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 There a lot of things that can be discussed on sex education. We will bring more of it to you in the nearest future. In the meantime, if you have any opinions or information regarding this topic, do not hesitate to drop them in the comment box below.




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