Home remedies for sunburn treatment

How To Treat And Prevent Sunburn? Home Remedies For Sunburn

Sunburn is when your skin gets inflamed, as an after effect of prolonged exposure to the ultraviolet rays. Over the course, the skin turns red, or darker and becomes really painful upon touch. Sunburn basically is a process in which the epidermis cells (the outermost layer) of the exposed skin gets killed by the UV rays. Fortunately, there’s another layer of living cells just underneath the dead cells. These cells will aid in the reproduction of new skin cells and later replenish the outermost layer of skin. Read on to know more on sunburn symptoms and its possible complications. We are also providing you with some of the best sunburn treatments that work really fast.

Home remedies for sunburn treatment
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Can Sunburn Be Dangerous?

Severe and frequent sunburns may put at stake the health of your skin over time. It not only causes a long-lasting damage to the skin, but also holds the chances of developing melanoma in future, especially in the case of frequent exposures. When your skin experiences a long-lasting damage, it is often associated with effects such as blisters, irritation, itchiness, reddish skin and sometimes the continuous peeling of outermost skin layers. These can be considered as sunburn symptoms. Therefore, you should avoid tanning your skin for long hours (not more than 5 hours).

Sunburn Treatments & Prevention |  Home Remedies For Sunburn

Here are some effective and immediate home remedies for sunburn.

1. Sunscreen

ALWAYS use a sunscreen. Apply sunscreen every 30 minutes during a course under the hot sun. This will help prevent severe sunburns, thus reducing the risk of developing skin cancers in the long run. If you already have a sunburn, applying sunscreen aids in improving its symptoms as well as slow down the ageing process of the skin,including wrinkle’s. Remember to apply the sunscreen all over your body, including your face, back of your ears, back of your knees and even your scalp.

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2. Clothes

Sunburn can be effectively prevented by wearing proper clothes like long-sleeved cotton shirts. When you’re out, and the weather is scorching hot, putting on a long sleeved shirt or jacket is not likely to be a pleasant option- but it will surely do your skin great favours. Try to opt for breathable materials such as cotton or linen. You may also use umbrella, shades and floppy hats. These will do the extras.

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3. Cool Shower

After a sunburn, always go for a cool shower. Avoid using bar soaps. Alternatively, use shower creams that contain antioxidant ingredients like mints or tea leaves. It gives a soothing feeling, and helps relieve the irritation or pain caused by sunburn immediately. After taking a shower, you might also want to consider applying some moisturizing cream or lotion on your skin. This is particularly important for sunburn on the face. By doing this, you can reduce the peeling of the skin and make its flakiness less noticeable. And DON’T rub your towel against your skin, insetad pat with gentle movements.

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4. Aloe vera 

Aloe vera is perfect to treat a wide array of skin conditions, and sunburn is no exception. Although most studies appear to prove that aloe vera don’t necessarily heal burns, it is however said to give an immediate relief to the pain and inflammation caused by burns, including sunburn. All you have to do is halve a fresh aloe vera, and gently apply its gel onto the affected area. Repeat this 5 to 6 times in a day.

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5. Vitamin E capsules

Puncture the capsules with a needle, and apply the oil to the affected area. It is claimed that when Vitamin E oil is applied immediately after a sunburn, the damage to the skin is noticeably reduced. You can apply it after a while, though the healing process may be slower. Vitamin E oil is ideal for severe sunburn treatment.

6. Milk

For this remedy, ensure that the milk is cool and not cold. According to dermatologists, milk when applied on the skin will create fine protein films that help ease the pain and also heal the blisters through the building of new cells. Apply milk onto the burned area by using a gauze or cotton ball to avoid any discomfort to the damaged skin.

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7. Coconut oil

It is very versatile and can be used on adults, babies and even pets. Coconut oil serves goodness to not just sunburn, but also hair loss, dry skin problems and to fight against viruses and bacteria that cause illness. Gently apply some coconut oil onto the affected area. Repeat this once the coconut oil dries out.

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8. Oatmeal

Add them to your bathwater for an instant relief from pain. Oatmeal is a good source of antioxidant which might help in stimulating the living cells to reproduce more. Fill up the bath tub with cool water and add a cup of oatmeal into it. Soak your body in the water for at least 20 minutes.

9. Crushed potatoes

A wonderful pain reliever. Take two washed potatoes and throw them into the blender or food processor. Make sure to blend the potatoes until they turn liquid, or puree-like. You may add in some water if the liquid is too thick or dry. Pat the crushed potatoes onto the burned area and leave it on until it dries. Then, you may wash your skin off with cool water. Continue applying for several days until the burn is completely healed.

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10. Tea bags

The perfect soother. Tea bags don’t only work for your cold, but also does magic to your sunburn. Soak two tea bags in a cup of water and then apply tea onto the affected skin. Look for tea bags that contain calendula (a cooling agent) or mint , which can also be soothing.

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11. Cucumbers

Hydrating! Cucumbers are well known for their cooling and hydrating properties, but that’s not all- they also have natural antioxidants and analsegic properties. Blend cucumber to create a fine paste, and apply to the affected area.

Hope you find all of the  sunburn remedies and prevention techniques above useful. Should there be a query or feedback, do comment below. Thank you for visiting HNBT.