List of 15 Types Whole Grains and Their Benefits [Infographic]

List of 15 Types Whole Grains and Their Benefits Infographic

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  1. Choon Kok Tan Reply

    The Mother Nature is perfect and never betrays all sentient beings. It provides us complete foods with abundance but with greed and foolishness, humans have “denature” them to their conveniences. The results are sickness and sufferings! The “uneducated” farmers live with the Mother Nature without suspicion and always very thankful to the Mother Nature. They have shown their gratitude to the Mother Nature with celebrations after each harvest to thank the Mother Nature and pray to the Mother Nature for rain, sun, etc to ensure they continue to have them so that they can have good harvests forever. Let’ us salute Mother Nature and let’s live in peace and harmony with the nutures and other sentient beings in peace and harmony. Mother Nature has provided us with the foods in abundance and fulfilled all our needs but not our GREED!