Verify Wrong Bra Size

5 Ways to Verify if You Are Wearing a Wrong Bra Size

Verify Wrong Bra Size
Verify Wrong Bra Size

Did you know that over 80 per cent of women wear the wrong bra size? The reason is because they believe that they are the size they actually are not. Wearing the wrong bra can be very unhealthy for the growth of your breast tissues, which can be directly linked to breast cancer.

Verify Wrong Bra Size

Besides, the larger the breasts, the bigger the concerns, says Tracy M. Pfeifer, M.D., a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York City. Following are the most common fit-related problems along with quick and easy solutions to ensure your bust looks and feels at its best.

1. The band of the bra that wraps around your body should not ride up. This indicates that the band is big. A bra should fit snugly so try to go down a size.

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2. One of the first signs to change a size is shoulder straps digging in your body. Remember that 90 per cent of support should come from the band and the cups, not the shoulder straps of your bra. The solution is to try another bra with a different cup size and wider straps. For that follow our simple tip: first slip straps off the shoulders. If the bra slips down, go down a size on the cups and a band. If it does not, choose a bra with wider straps.

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3. Another sign of the wrong bra size is puckering cups which mean that the cup size is too big and you should go down a size. Pay attention that if the cup is wrinkling only in the center it may mean that it is too small and breasts can’t fit in. In this case try a larger bra.

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4.    Your back size is too big and/or your cup size is too small in case the bra follows the arms when you lift them.

5. And the bra is too small if the front wires stand away from the body. A larger size will solve the problem.

VeriFy Your Bra Size


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