Yoga Asanas and Pranayamas To Get a Glowing Skin Naturally

Glowing Skin Naturally : Everyone dreams of a glowing skin despite of what gender you are. But in today’s world, glowing skin still remains a dream. And sadly, not always costly surgeries or cosmetics are the solution. Often times, the weather tends to take a toll on our skin. Or it is probably caused by unhealthy lifetsyle and diets. However with the aid of a little bit of yoga, ample of water and a healthier diet, glowing skin will be at your doorstep within a week. Hence this time HNBT bring to you a handful of yoga asanas and pranayamas to get a glowing skinAlso read : 19 Unbelievable Skin Benefits Of Glycerin

Yogas and Pranayamas To Get a Glowing Skin Naturally
Get a Glowing Skin Naturally

There might be several problems which might prevent you from attaining glowing skin. It can be improper digestion, improper diet, tension stress and lack of adequate water intake. So here we have a handful of yoga’s and pranayamas that will help you tackle digestion problems and tension and gift you a glowing skin! Apart from these, there are yogas which helps the blood in your body to flow by the nerves underneath your face. The more blood that flows towards your face, the younger and prettier you look. Also read : 15 Awesome Remedies For Dry Skin Problem

14 Yoga Asanas to Get a Glowing Skin Naturally

  1. Shoulder Pose : Lift your body slowly. You might not attain the perfect shoulder stand but keep on trying and you will achieve excellence. And remember to bring down your legs slowly and not with a jerk. In this pose, blood from your entire body flows to your face and helps you in getting a glowing skin.
    Shoulder Pose
    Shoulder Pose

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  2. Mountain Pose : In order to do this pose, stand erect on the ground. Touch the ground with both your palms. Straighten your legs gradually. Try to form an inverted V as shown in the figure. This pose forces the blood flow into your face which in turn gives you a glowing skin.

    Mountain Pose
    Mountain Pose
  3. Vajrasana Pose : Sitting with legs folded in such a manner that they touch the buttocks. Vajrasan helps in digestion which in turn helps the skin to glow more!

    Vajrasan Pose
    Vajrasana Pose
  4. Cobra Pose : Lie on the floor on your stomach. Place your hands beside your shoulder. Push yourself up and look towards the sky as shown in the figure. You can feel the stretch in your stomach region. When your torso gets stretched then the blood flow speed increases.
    Cobra Pose
    Cobra Pose

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  5. Chair Pose : Stand on the floor or mat as you may please. Bend both your knees simultaneously. You may stretch  your hands to the front or upwards. This pose helps in digestion.

    Chair Pose
    Chair Pose
  6. Fish Pose : Lie on the floor and keep your hands by the side of your body. Bring your hands closer to the body and push your body upwards as shown in the figure. This way when your body arches back, you can feel the blood gushing into your face. This pose when practised regularly will make your skin glow.
    Fish Pose
    Fish Pose

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  7. Plough Pose : Lie on the floor. Slowly raise both your legs and touch the ground behind your head. Hold the pose. You may hold your back as a support. This pose as you can see forces blood into your face. The more the blood gushes to the face, the more the GLOW!

    Plough Pose
    Plough Pose
  8. Child Pose : Sit in vajrasan on the floor. Bend forward and try touching the floor with your nose while placing your palm on the floor. Hold the pose for a while. This pose helps in digestion.
    Child Pose
    Child Pose

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  9. Corpse Pose : Lying down with hands and feet kept free.
    Corpse Pose
    Corpse Pose

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  10. Bow Pose : Lie on your stomach on the floor. Arc your hands backwards and hold the feet. Try pulling yourself backwards. By doing this you can feel the stretch in your arms, stomach and legs. This pose helps in digestion.

    Bow Pose
    Bow Pose
  11. Triangle Pose : For doing this, stand on the ground by stretching your legs on each sides such that they form an inverted spread out ‘V’. Touch your left foot with your right hand while keeping the other hand straight and pointing towards the sky. Hold the pose while you look up and feel the stretch in the body. Do it with the other leg as well. This pose helps in digestion.
    Triangle Pose
    Triangle Pose

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  12. Toe touching Pose :  To do this, first you need to exhale and take a deep breath in. Then slowly bend your body forward and get hold of you ankles with your hand. Your noes should touch the knees (or atleast try to touch it) and hold the pose for a while. You may not attain the perfect pose on the first go but don’t give up and bend your body as much as you can. This pose helps in digestion.

    Toe touching Pose
    Toe touching Pose
  13. Surya Namaskar [Sun Salutation] : Check our article on Surya Namaskar – Secret to a better life
  14. Sudarshan Kriya Yoga : Check our article on Sudarshan Kriya Yoga – For Peace and Harmony

The ‘Kiss and Smile’ Technique

Kiss and smile technique
Kiss and smile technique

Many of you may or may not have heard about this. In this you kiss first then smile as broad as you can. While doing this blood gushes to your face and it makes you look young and vibrant. This is a simple yet efficient way of getting  a glowing skin as compared to your costly cosmetcs and treatments.

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4 Pranayamas to Get a Glowing Skin Naturally

Pranayamas involve lots of face exercise. This requires more oxygen and more blood is pumped from heart for this. This enables in getting a glowing skin.

  1. Kapalbhati
    For doing this pranayama, sit in the normal sitting pose with legs folded or lotus pose. With forceful breathing throw out your breathe and breathe in softly. Try to do this for 5 minutes non-stop. Initially it might be nearly impossible to do for almost 1 minute. But you have to pull it to 5 minutes as it will increase your stamina, fight hair fall,get you a flat belly as well as bless you with a glowing skin!
  2. Narishodan pranayama
    For doing this pranayama, you should sit in Ardh Padmasan or Purna Padmasan. Left hand placed on knee in chin mudra i.e. thumb touching the index finger and other three fingers stretched. Put your index and middle finger of the other hand in between two eyebrows. Breathe in from one nostril while keeping the other blocked and vice versa. Use your thumb and ring finger to keep the inactive nostril closed.
  3. Bhastrika
    This is the forceful breathing which you will be doing in SKY. You sit in a Vajrasan position and clench your fists lightly and bring them beside your shoulder. With forceful breathing, breathe in as you push your hand upwards and breathe out as you bring them down.
  4. Anulom Vilom
    This is a simple breathing technique. You sit in a simple pose or the lotus pose. Breathe in from one nose while keeping the other blocked with your finger. Continue this for sometime. Take rest and resume.

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That’s all for yoga asanas and pranayamas to get a glowing skin naturally. Now it’s your turn to try these yoga asanas on regular basis with pranayamas mentioned above. Do let us know about results. Thank you for visiting HNBT.

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  1. Aman kashyap Reply

    I am 19 year old boy my body is little dark I want to glow my skin please tell me the natural way to glow skin

    1. debshikha banerjee Reply

      Hello Aman 🙂

      Let me tell you, no amount of external beauty products can make you glow unless you are happy and healthy from within. I can give you some basic tips to stay healthy – drink water(3-5 litres daily), get proper(undisturbed) sleep of 6 hours daily, avoid too much of junk/oily food, do pranayam( Kapalbhati is very good to get a glowing skin). You may do yoga to get a glowing skin as well.

      Even if you have a dark complexion, you can rock it completely with a glowing skin 🙂

      Keep Fit. Keep healthy 🙂


      1. Aakarsh Reply

        Hi, I am approx 18 and my body and face is little dark and i want glowing skin and white face ,what should i do ?

  2. Elsa Marta Reply

    You are right. Our skin cannot glow if our internal is out of balance. “The mind and body are one. When the intimate relationship between mind and body is disrupted, aging and entropy accelerate.” Deepak Chopra . Pranayam helps too. Thank you

  3. Boubou Mace Reply

    Well i am using natural glowing serum I applied it after washing my face and I enjoyed the cooling and soothing effect. My skin stayed soft for hours and it felt hydrated all day. I applied my makeup easily over the serum. It contains vitamin C and E as an added benefit. I would highly recommend this product for an effective glowing serum.

  4. Forever Flawless Reply

    Yoga makes you strong as well