14 Yoga Asanas To Reduce Stress | How To Deal With Stress?

Yoga to deal with stress : Stress is a part of our daily schedule these days. Warding off this is very important to lead a good life. Jobs(for adults) and studies(for children) can be equally responsible for unwanted stress. So HNBT bring to you a set of 14 simple yoga asanas that would help you tackle stress with ease.

Yoga Asanas To Reduce Stress
Yoga Asanas To Reduce Stress – source

14 Simple Yoga’s To Reduce Stress

  1. Bow Pose
    Lie on your stomach on the floor. Arc your hands backwards and hold the feet. Try pulling yourself backwards. By doing this you can feel the stretch in your arms, stomach and legs. It also helps in loss of belly and abdomen fat apart from warding off stress.

    Bow Pose
    Bow Pose

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  2. Fish Pose
    Lie on the floor and keep your hands by the side of your body. Bring your hands closer to the body and push your body upwards as shown in the figure. This way when your body arches back, you can feel the blood gushing into your face. This pose is a very easy way of warding off stress and make your skin glow.

    Fish Pose
    Fish Pose

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  3. Bridge Pose
    In order to do this, lie on the floor or on a mat.Keep your hands by your side in such a manner that the palm touches the ground. Slowly raise your lower body upwards. (body from the hips region). Hold the pose for a while. You can feel the stretch in your torso region which will help reduce belly fat.

    Bridge Pose to ward off stress
    Bridge Pose

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  4. Two legged forward bend
    This pose is slightly difficult a pose for people who have a big belly. But with a little bit of dedication and daily practice, even they can do it. Sit on the floor and stretch your legs to the front. Hold both of your toes with either your hand and try touching your knees with your nose. When you do the pose, you can feel an immense pressure on your belly region. Don’t be afraid, the pain will cease with time.

    Seated forward bend Pose
    Seated forward bend Pose

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  5. Hand-under-feet Pose
    To do this, first you need to exhale and take a deep breath in. Then slowly bend your body forward and put your hands under your respective foot. Your nose should touch the knees (or at least try to touch it) and hold the pose for a while. You may not attain the perfect pose on the first go but don’t give up and bend your body as much as you can. This pose surely wards off the stress accumulated in your body.

    Hand under foot Pose
    Hand under foot Pose

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  6. Headstand
    Lie down on your back. Slowly start raising your feet. Support your body at the hips with your hands. Then lift your chest region. Keep lifting your body till your full body weight is on your head. Hold the pose for a while. You may also do this against a wall for better support.

    How to do Headstand?

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  7. Corpse Pose
    In order to do this pose, just lie down on the ground or your yoga mat. Leave your limbs free and breathe normally.This pose helps in restoring the breathe and heartbeat after a particular yoga pose. It is advised to do savasana or Corpse Pose after every yoga pose.

    Corpse Pose
    Corpse Pose

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  8. Downward facing dog Pose
    In order to do this pose, lie on your stomach on the floor or yoga mat. Slowly lift your body on all four’s and bring your hands and feet close to each other to get the Mountain-like structure. Hold the pose for a while. Apart from reducing stress, this pose also improves blood circulation in the body and helps in digestion. It’s also a wonderful exercise for toning up hands and calf muscles.

    Downward facing dog pose
    Downward facing dog pose

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  9. Cat cow Pose
    This is a wonderful exercise for your spine. In order to do Cat Pose or Marjariasan get on all four’s. First bend your back outwards and then inwards. In helps in removing stress. It also helps in blood circulation, improves digestion, strengthens wrist and shoulders, relaxes the mind and tones the abdomen.

    Cat Cow Pose
    Cat Cow Pose

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  10. Easy Pose
    In this pose, all you have to do is sit on the floor. Fold your legs and place your hands on the knees(palms facing upwards). Sit and relax and just be aware of everything going on around you. It surely DOES ease your stress.
  11. Triangle Pose
    For doing this, stand on the ground by stretching your legs on each sides such that they form an inverted spread out ‘V’. Touch your left foot with your right hand while keeping the other hand straight and pointing towards the sky. Hold the pose while you look up and feel the stretch in the body. Do it with the other leg as well. This pose helps in digestion as well as doing away with stress.

    Triangle Pose
    Triangle Pose

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  12. Upside Down Pose
    In this asana, we slowly raise the the legs and keep them perpendicular to the body. We hold the position for a while and then let go. In doing this pose, you not only overcome stress but also hair fall.


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  13. Child Pose
    In order to do this pose, sit on the floor or mat in Vajrasan(i.e. fold your legs and sit in such a way that your ankle touches your buttocks). Slowly bend forward and touch the floor with your palms. Try touching the ground with your nose to attain perfection in this pose. This pose helps you in attaining a better sex life.

    Child Pose
    Child Pose

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  14. Puppy Pose
    Get into the Child Pose as directed in the Point No. 13. Slowly push you body forward. Push it till your thighs are normal to the ground as shown in the figure below. Apart from stress relief, it helps in stretching the shoulders and spine, stretches the arms, hips, upper back and is a wonderful medicine for insomnia.

    Extended Puppy Pose
    Extended Puppy Pose

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That would be all from us on this. If you know any more easy yoga to get rid of stress, do let us know in the comments below.

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