Weight Loss Diet Regime of Niharika Banerjee (2)

A Story For Inspiration – Weight Loss Journey of Niharika Banerjee

“It is very easy to be fat, however, it is not easy to live your life in the same way. You may tell yourself everything – you are not exceptionally fat, or people should respect you the way you are, or how puny the matter of being fat is.”

I understand this because I have said the same to myself repeatedly for 20 years of my life.

I was born a 10 lbs baby, very healthy and very cute. And since everyone likes fat babies, I was the star baby. However, the weight kept increasing tremendously with age, and the cuteness had disappeared somewhere down the line.

Come teenage, I was quite dissatisfied with myself. Though I was a fairly good student, I was a popular kid amongst the teachers and the students, I had one major drawback attached with me – my overweight. While all my other friends were beautiful, I felt intimidated next to them. My relations suffered a few setbacks because of my weight, however, my true friends and parents stood by me despite everything. Not to mention, I was quite the laughing stock at times. Nick naming me was a hardly a problem for my peers. Also read : How To Deal With Stress?

Teenager Niharika

Weight Loss Journey of Niharika Banerjee
Weight Loss Journey of Niharika Banerjee

At 159 cms, I weighed 160 lbs, which was certainly a problem. I had tried losing weight a couple of times, but I failed. I couldn’t resist that cheese burger, and I despised working out.

So one morning, I decided to lose weight, no matter what. I joined the nearest gym and started going there regularly. The initial 15 days were very tough. Waking up at 6 in the morning, working out for 2 hours, not drinking soda – all this was very difficult for me.

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I am sure it is for you as well. However, the hard work paid off.

Transformation of Niharika Banarajee

Weight Loss Diet Regime of Niharika Banerjee (2)
Before and After Pic Of Niharika

In 8 months, I lost 35 lbs. I am finally slim. Though I am still working on my body to become as fit as I could become. So how did I do it? Keep reading!

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Weight Loss Diet Followed by Niharika Banerjee

What you need is determination. What seems difficult to you on the first day will become your warm up exercise in a few weeks. The feeling you get when you see your double chin disappear is incredible. In a few weeks, you’d realize that the fat on your back is much lesser than it used to be. And gradually, you find yourself slim and healthy. Also read : How To Lose Belly Fat Fast?

The diet I followed –

  1. Have a glass of luke warm water with lemon juice and honey.
  2. 20-30 minutes later, have some tea or coffee or biscuits (preferably green tea and Marie biscuits).
  3. 2 hours later, have your breakfast. You could eat poha (avoid adding potatoes in it), or 2 chappatis and some
  4. vegetable cooked in very little oil. I eat 2 chappatis and 1 egg. You could also eat some cereal.
  5. 2 hours later, have some Marie biscuits or some popcorn.
  6. 2 hours later, have your lunch. It should include green vegetables,  chappati, some rice (very little) and daal (more in quantity). Also, add salad to your meal.
  7. 2 hours later, have a bowl of seasonal fruits.
  8. Before going to the gym, eat a banana and a few nuts. After working out, have a mug of chocolate milk with sugar free.
  9. 2 hours later, eave a sandwich – dice cucumber, tomatoes and/or boiled chicken pieces/paneer/eggs. Add a spoon of hung curd, grill the sandwich if you like, and you’re good.

Important tip – NEVER SKIP MEALS. NEVER.

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Weight Loss Work Out Regime Followed by Niharika Banerjee

My work out regime

I worked out for 2 hours every day in the beginning, but since it is not possible for everyone to give so much time to the gym, I would suggest a work out program for 1 hour.

  1. Warm up – 5 minutes. This should include stretching, jumping and running in place.
  2. Cardio – 20-25 minutes. When you start working out, accustom your body to the new routine by brisk walking and cycling only. This will help you lose at least 4-5 lbs, after which you can include various other cardio work outs like jogging, running, aerobics and stepper exercises. Do a variation of this exercise. For instance, Mondays you can keep for a combination of jogging and running, Tuesdays for jogging and cycling, Wednesdays for walking and stepper, and so on.
  3. Strength – 30 minutes of strength is good enough for you if you want to lose weight. Keep days assigned to them, such as Mondays – abs, Tuesdays – chest and back, Wednesdays – arms and shoulders, Thursdays – abs, Fridays – legs.
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Always remember that this whole process would be a waste if you are not determined enough. Since I have already reached on the other side of the grass, I am luring you to come here, and see the greenery for yourself.

Niharika Banerjee,

Weight Loss - Niharika Banerjee
Latest Pic of Fit ‘n’ Fabulous Niharika Banerjee



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