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The eye is another wonderful feature that the human and animal body boasts of. They need to be looked after just like the other body parts. They are very delicate and might get damaged very easily.Here we have for you some facts about eyes which we bet you will not be aware of!

45 Facts About ‘EYES’

1. The most common eye color on Earth is brown.

Eyes_Brown Eyes
2. The eye muscles respond to anything first by blinking.
3. Eyes are just mere camera that helps sending photos to the brain. It’s the brain which actually sees.
4. Babies are color blind at birth.
5. On the other hand, we actually see a flipped image of things. It’s the brain which again flips it to make it look normal.
6. The fastest muscle in our body is the eye muscle.

7. Babies don’t have tears till they are 6 months old.
8. Your eyes had started to develop just after two weeks after you were conceived.
9. Babies can’t focus on objects or things at birth.
10. Dogs are color blind.
11. One-sixth of the human eyeball is visible.
human eyeball
12. If your eyes are in the perfect condition, you can see a matchstick lighted 14 miles away!
eyes_at a distance
13. Diabetes is one important cause for weakening of eyesight.
14. Smoking might lead you to night blindness.
smoking addiction
15. People read slower or computer/laptop screen as compared to paper.
16. It is impossible to sneeze with your eyes open. (Why? Because the force with which the air comes out might just POP out your eyes!)
17. People tend to blink more while talking.
18. Doctors have come up with a new method of slicing a cornea and placing them into three different human eyes of human bodies.
19. Our eye is made up to 200 million of working parts.
20. We cry to hydrate our eyes. So crying is not always bad.
21. Goats have rectangular pupils to give them wide angle while viewing.
22. The only bird to see the colour blue is owl.
23. The most common response of eyes to danger is by blinking.
24. Worms don’t have eyes.
25. Owls cannot rotate their eyeballs. That is why they turn their heads in order to view something that’s in their back.
26. A blink lasts for 100-150 millisecond.

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27. All blue eyed people share the same ancestor.
28. Half the human brain looks after the vision department.
brain vision
29. The nasal passage that connect the eyes and nose are responsible for running nose while you cry.

30. The best and most common way to protect your eyes from UV rays is a sunglasses and hat/umbrella.
31. Camels have three layers of eyelids to protect their eyes from the sand in the desert.

32. Retina scans are replacing fingerprint scans as they have 256 unique features as compared to iris scan which has 40.
33. Eyebrows protect the eyes from sweat that is formed on forehead.
34. The eyeball weighs around 28 grams.
35. Pirates believed that wearing gold earrings will improve their eyesight.

36. The mascara stick is the most harmful thing that is lurking around your eyes.

37. Shark cornea is similar to human cornea. That’s why it is used in surgery.

shark eyes
38. Human eyes can differentiate between 500 shades of grey.
shades of grey
39. You shed your eye lashes every 5 months.
40. The ghostly effect that we sometimes get while seeing our eyes in photographs is due to the light bouncing from the capillaries of the eyes.

red eyes
41. Scorpions have 12 eyes and box jellyfish have 24 eyes.
42. Astigmatism is an eye defect in which focusing on an object at a certain distance away becomes difficult.
43. Myopia(nearsightedness/shortsightedness) is an eye defect where it becomes difficult to focus on objects at a distance.

44. Hyperopia(Far-sightedness/long-sightedness) is a defect where it becomes difficult to focus on objects that are close.
45. Cross eyes or squint or Strabismus is an eye defect where both eyes can’t look at one thing at a time.


46. Bonus Infogprahic – Amazing Facts about eyes.

Source of Infographic

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