Deliciously Healthy Smoothie Recipes

30 Deliciously Healthy Smoothie Recipes To Try

Healthy Smoothie Recipes : All smoothies are quick and easy to prepare. But here’s the real deal, are they all healthy and nutritious? To us, an ideal smoothie not only must be on-the-go and easy, but also nutritious, healthy and most importantly, filling- that’s the idea of it after all!

Making smoothies out of fresh tofu, or frozen fruits, you just want to make sure they serve you with the nutrients you need to stay active all day long.  A healthy smoothie should contain about 250 calorie, 6g of protein, 3g of dietary fiber and 50g of carbs. And you know what’s the best part about creating your own smoothie? It gives you the power to control its overall nutritional value, especially its sugar, calories and vitamins. So, to guide you on creating your very own healthy smoothies, HNBT has come up with 30 deliciously healthy smoothie recipes. Good luck!

Deliciously Healthy Smoothie Recipes
Deliciously Healthy Smoothie Recipes

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