Homemade Pregnancy Test

10 Easy DIY Homemade Pregnancy Tests for Women in Doubt

Whether you’re ready to have a baby in your life or not, the possibility of you being pregnant can still be daunting and just a bit too overwhelming. There are ways of relieving this anxiety as soon as you can. And without doubt, you’d be certainly looking for the safest and fastest way to find out if you’re really pregnant.

A recent invention are standard pregnancy tests that came into a picture a decade or two ago. Just like these tests, homemade tests too can help you find out if you are in fact, pregnant.

Advantages of homemade pregnancy tests: 

Any homemade pregnancy test is both readily available and inexpensive. You needn’t step out of home to buy the test from a store because your kitchen will have all the necessary ingredients for the test. Besides, the instructions are very easy to follow, so that’s an added advantage.

Disadvantages of DIY pregnancy tests:

Homemade pregnancy tests lack any scientific date to prove their accuracy. However, they have some basis in science, so they can’t be dismissed as unscientific or old wives’ tales.

Homemade pregnancy tests are more effective than you think. These DIY tests depend entirely on the relationship between urine and other substances in the body while some other tests can spot hCG in a blood sample 11 days after a woman has conceived.

How accurate are homemade pregnancy tests?

Homemade tests are not entirely accurate, but they are only indicators that you could be pregnant. If you test positive after taking a homemade pregnancy test, then you can follow up with confirmation by your doctor. The accuracy of homemade pregnancy tests depends entirely on the hCG content in your urine, which is at its highest in the morning. Without further ado, here are a few homemade pregnancy test that work:

Homemade Pregnancy Tests
Homemade Pregnancy Tests

DIY Homemade Pregnancy Tests

1. Dandelion pregnancy test: For this test, choose dandelion leaves that grow in the shade. Put them in a plastic container and soak them in sufficient early morning urine. Wait for 10 minutes and then look for reddish blisters on the leaves–this means you are pregnant. If initially you don’t find any red blisters, keep checking every few minutes till you’re sure that the leaves are no longer going to react to the urine.

This test is considered reliable because it gives quick results.

Tip: Drink lots of water before beginning the test.

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2. Bleach pregnancy test: Every home has some amount of bleach that’s used either in the kitchen or in the laundry, so you can easily use this commonly used ingredient to test your pregnancy. Pour one portion of bleach into a bowl and to it, add a little of your urine. If this solution becomes foamy, then it means you’re pregnant. However, this homemade pregnancy test with bleach does not specify any fixed amounts of bleach or urine nor any set of time to wait for a reaction.

Tip: Bleach is hazardous for the skin, so ensure that you wear rubber gloves before handling it.

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3. Toothpaste pregnancy test: Testing if you are pregnant can’t get easier! You can now confirm that you will be a proud mamma using a homemade pregnancy test with toothpaste. When you add your urine to toothpaste, it may turn light blue in colour or it may foam. Either of these could mean you’re pregnant.

Yet again, the specific quantities of urine and toothpaste are not known , nor do we know how long to wait for results to show. Plus, the toothpaste can froth in combination with urine for a longish period, though you might not be pregnant. Therefore, this test shouldn’t be considered as definitive, but can certainly be used as a back-up for any other pregnancy test undertaken.

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4. Sugar pregnancy test: One other ingredient that is commonly found at home is sugar. Put a few spoons of sugar into a bowl and add sufficient urine to it. If you are pregnant, the sugar will form clumps. However, if it dissolves into the liquid, it indicates you aren’t pregnant.

Tip: This test works the best when you do it the first thing in the morning as your urine is at its most concentrated form.

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5. Pine Sol pregnancy test: For this test, you can either collect some pine needles, twigs or cones and leaves or you can buy a bottle of unscented Pine Sol from your grocery store. To one cup of Pine Sol, add some of your urine and look out for any change in colour. A change in colour confirms your pregnancy.

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6. Soap pregnancy test: This commonly found at home product is a good candidate for a home pregnancy test. To perform this test, take a bar of soap and pour some urine on it. Wait for a reaction. If the soap bubbles up to some extent, then your pregnancy is confirmed.

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7. Vinegar and tuna juice pregnancy test: White vinegar combined with a can of tuna can prove your pregnancy too. Separate the juice from the can of tuna and measure equal amounts of tuna juice and white vinegar. Combine them and leave overnight.

The next morning, add some of your fresh urine to this solution. Your pregnancy is indicated when it turns dark green. Follow this up with a test done by your doctor.

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8. Drain O Pregnancy test- Yes, a pack of Drain- O or drain-ex that helps clear a clogged drain, can help determine if you are going to be a mother! You can make a simple concoction using drain-ex instead of rushing to the pharma. However, exercise caution while you perform this test as drain-ex contains a number of harmful chemicals. Pour about a quarter a cup of the drain cleaner in a plastic cup. To this add the urine sample. If the mixture turns blue-ish green, it might just be time to buy those cute lil mittens.

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9. White vinegar pregnancy test: To check if you have conceived or not, simply try a simple homemade pregnancy test with vinegar.  To half a cup of white vinegar, add your early morning urine in a bowl. If it changes colour, you are pregnant.

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10. Mustard powder pregnancy test: If you’re into baking, you’re sure to have a good stock of mustard powder in your larder. To perform this test, you need to fill your bathtub with warm water and add about 3/4 cup of mustard powder. Soak in this liquid for about 30 minutes to give the mustard powder sufficient time to do its work. Wait for a couple of days and then check to see if your menstrual cycle resumes. If it doesn’t, you’re pregnant.

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Now that you know about the different homemade pregnancy tests that actually give legit results,  go ahead and try them out. Don’t forget to get back to us with your feedback!