How to get rid of blood blisters

How to Get Rid of Blood Blisters; 10 Easy Home Remedies

How to get rid of blood blisters?: Before we get to that, let’s see what blood blisters even are! Let’s just say, they are not as horrific as they sound. They are essentially bumps or blisters that contain blood (instead of other fluids). They appear to be reddish bubbles that form on the skin and formulate from the rupture of blood vessels. When blood vessels and body tissues on the surface of the skin are injured, sometimes blood and lymph may get trapped beneath the skin as well. This causes blood blisters to form and containing all constituents of blood (inclusive of haemoglobin, giving rise to the redness of the blister). Blood blisters are actually the body’s reflex to any pressure or injury. Since the surface of the skin is not broken, there is no means for the blood to flow out, and it stays confined within the blister. Luckily, this is not a serious issue, and oftentimes does not require to be rushed to the doctor. There are many home remedies that exist for treating blood blisters, and they are very easily manageable.

…Why home remedies? As previously mentioned, this is not a serious medical condition. It does cause pain though, so relieving this pain is essential, which be done through means of simple home remedies. They help in reducing the pain and speed up the healing process. They are much cheaper and readily available, making this a convenient option for most people who want to get rid of blood blisters.

How to get rid of blood blisters
How to get rid of blood blisters

How to Get Rid of Blood Blisters; 10 Easy Home Remedies

1. Apply ice to the infected area

The first way to get rid of blood blisters is by applying an ice pack on the infected area for a good couple of minutes. Take small breaks in between, but continue to apply ice on and around the blister. Ice is known for bringing down any kind of swelling, and helps reduce internal bleeding. It is always a better option not to apply the ice pack directly on the blister, but rather use an intermediary layer between your skin and the pack: perhaps a towel.

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2. Turmeric powder

This is one of the renowned natural remedies that has the best healing properties in nature! It is very effective in healing numerous skin issues, one of which is treating blood blisters. This can be rendered by creating a fine paste out of turmeric powder, mixed with rosewater. Then, apply this mixture to the infected area. Afterwards, rinse off the mixture, once it has dried off completely on the blisters. Keep doing this, for about 3-4 times to help reduce the swelling and inflammation.

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3. Sandalwood

A paste created from sandalwood is yet another great natural ingredient that can really help heal blood blisters speedily. This paste can be created by mixing sandalwood powder with, again, a few drops of rosewater; the consistency of the paste may vary depending on the ratio of sandalwood powder to rosewater. Apply this paste to the blister, allow it dry, then rinse it off with cold water. This procedure should then be repeated a few times a day, in order to help reduce the pain and swelling.

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4. Aloe vera juice

What can’t aloe vera do? It’s hard to say! Aloe vera is a well known natural healer in every respect: it has great anti-inflammatory properties and is thus very effective to get rid of blood blisters. Apply fresh aloe vera gel onto the affected area a few times a day, until the inflammation is brought down and the pain is eased. The mixture of aloe vera with vitamin e oil is also very effective in bringing down the swelling and helping reduce the pain.

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5. Tea tree oil

Its unique anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-septic properties help dry out the blister naturally. The only drawback is, since no artificial constituents exist, the process of healing might be a little longer. Even so, the results are just as effective.

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6. Cucumber juice

This is a pretty famous ingredient that is commonly used to help combat typical skin issues, and its most vivid property is that it helps cool or sooth your skin. Additionally, it helps strengthen the connective tissues, which then holds the skin together. This explains why it helps in bringing down the swelling and inflammation, and also reduces pain. Using chilled cucumber slices can further help aid the process, as the chilliness brings down the swelling faster. Repeating this process several times a day can be really effective. Apart from this, drinking a glass of fresh cucumber juice can also help bring down the swelling and pain.

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7. Epsom salt

This ingredient helps bring down the pain, and has anti-inflammatory properties, something that is very effective in this case. It does wonders on blood blisters, something that my grandmother used to practice back in the day. She would mix some Epsom salt with lukewarm water, in order to create a fine paste. Cleaning the blister with this mixture, a couple times a day, should really help do the trick! This reduces the inflammation, and pain significantly. It also promotes the speedy popping of the blister, in a natural process.

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8. Ginger

Ah, but the miracles of ginger juice, though?! May not make a lovely beverage, but its anti-inflammatory properties makes it ideal to get rid of blood blisters. Applying ginger juice to the affected area a few times a day brings down the pain and inflammation, like a charm.

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9. Garlic oil

Heat garlic oil until its warm, and then allow it to cool: this creates the perfect mixture for treating blood blisters. Apply it to the skin and let it penetrate into the blister. After this, rinse it off and repeat the process a few times a day to really see the results.

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10. Avoid smoking

I know what you’re thinking, what does this possibly have to do with blood blisters? It is essential to keep your body as cool as possible, in order to ensure that the blood blisters heal sooner; alcohol and smoking only increase heat levels in the body, delaying the healing process by a bit.


Now that you have learnt some of the best home remedies to get rid of blood blisters, go ahead and try them out today! Don’t forget to let us know how they worked for you.