How to get rid of ladybugs

How to Get Rid of Ladybugs Without Killing Them?

How to get rid of ladybugs?: Ladybugs may seem like sweet looking pests, but they are not all that sweet. Also known as Asian lady beetles,  these pests are commonly found in homes and gardens and can wreak havoc. Thankfully, these insects aren’t in any way harmful to human beings. In fact, they are considered to be a gardener’s best friend as they feed on various kinds of garden pests like spider mites and aphids, thereby protecting plants from being affected by these pests. So, why get rid of ladybugs in the first place? Here is why! When ladybugs sense danger, they put out a yellow colored liquid from their body. This liquid can stain clothes, walls, upholstery, and curtains in the house. Along with staining, the yellow liquid also stinks!

In order to protect your home from stains and the stench, it is important to get rid of ladybugs when you begin to see them getting cozy in your home. As they are harmless, you do not necessarily have to kill them. It is advisable that you avoid using strong harmful chemicals in getting rid of these bugs. You can use a bunch of natural remedies to displace these bugs from your home. We will also provide you with remedies that can kill ladybugs in case of severe infestation.

How to get rid of ladybugs
How to get rid of ladybugs

How to Get Rid of Ladybugs Without Killing Them?

1. Diatomaceous earth

It is true that diatomaceous earth is a pesticide, but it is an all-natural pesticide. Take food grade diatomaceous earth and sprinkle it in places where there are ladybugs present or you suspect them to be present. The pesticide works by causing dehydration in the ladybugs and they eventually die. This method is also useful for eliminating other pests which need abundant of water for survival like sow bugs, millipedes, and slugs. Use this method only if you have a severe ladybug infestation.

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2. Use a vacuum cleaner

This is probably the easiest and the most common way of getting rid of ladybugs from your home. If ladybugs have made your home their home, then the best way is to use a vacuum cleaner to show them who the boss is. Vacuum the house and empty the bag outdoors. Once the bugs are out, continue to keep your home spic and span to ensure they don’t march back into your home. Ladybugs will find their way back if your home is dirty and filthy.

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3. Boric acid

If there are specific areas in your house that are heavily infested with ladybugs, try boric acid. The best thing about this natural remedy is that it will not kill the ladybugs, but just shoo them out of your home. Take some boric acid powder and sprinkle it generously around the affected area. You will find ladybugs running in different directions into time at all. Boric acid is a great repellent and will show the ladybugs the exit!

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4. Light traps

Ladybugs love lights and tend to move towards any source of light. This theory is applied in creating a trap to catch ladybugs. Once they are trapped, you can simply let them out in the garden. Incandescent light bulbs or black light bulbs can be used for this purpose as they have shown great results. This is yet another popular method to get rid of ladybugs without killing them.

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5. Menthol and camphor spray

Various kinds of bioassays have been tested for their efficacy in getting rid of garden pests and insects. One of the best solutions that proved to be most effective on ladybugs was a solution of menthol and camphor. This spray can also be easily made at home. In order to make the spray, you will need some menthol and camphor. Put both the ingredients in a spray bottle and add some water to it. Shake well and spray this mixture in and around areas where ladybug infestation is suspected. Ladybugs detest the strong smell of menthol and camphor and hence come out from their hiding place and move out of your home. This natural remedy does not kill the ladybugs but shoos them away from your house successfully.

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6. Citrus scent

Like many other pests, ladybugs cannot tolerate any kind of strong odors. Take advantage of this and use natural ingredients from your pantry or storeroom that have strong fragrances to get rid of ladybugs from your house permanently. Citronella or citrus scents are easily available in the market and can be used to ward off ladybugs from your house. Citronella has been used as natural arthropod repellent for several decades thanks to its high vapor toxicity that is poisonous to insects and pests. You may also use lemon-scented candles or incense sticks to bring ladybugs out of their hiding places.

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7. Bay leaves

A popular condiment used for its unique strong flavor and fragrance, bay leaves are an excellent remedy to remove bugs from your home. Bay leaves are not very expensive and are quite readily available in the market as well. Take a few bay leaves and put them in small pouches. Now place the pouches strategically in rooms, preferably around ladybug infested areas. You will be rid of ladybugs in just a few days.

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8. Clove scent

Clove not only has a very strong odor but also produces a burning sensation if it gets into eyes or comes in contact with broken skin etc. There are different ways in which clove can be used to ward off ladybugs from your abode. Take some small cotton cloth pouches and place some cloves inside them. Place these pouches in areas where ladybug infestation is maximum. If possible take some clove oil and sprinkle a few drops in areas where you have spotted ladybugs. The place gets evacuated by the ladybugs in no time at all.

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9. Ammonia

This might not be the safest and best ways of getting rid of ladybugs. But if you want immediate results, it surely works! Take a rag and soak it in ammonia. Wipe windows, doors and other surfaces with the rag. The pests will refrain from entering your house and those inside will either dry or find their way out. Be sure to wear gloves when you soak the rag. Don’t let ammonia come in direct contact with your hands.

These simple remedies have been tried and tested by several homeowners who will vouch for the efficacy of each of them. If you have lady bugs that do not want to leave your home, it is time you try these out to get rid of ladybugs.