How to get rid of moths

7 Homemade Pest Control Methods to Get Rid of Moths

How to get rid of moths?: There are many people who mistake moths for butterflies. If you happen to be one of them, here is a brief description of moths. Moths are brownish or blackish and generally are larger than butterflies. Moths are also dull looking and cause harm to humans in different ways, unlike butterflies.

They get into cupboards and wardrobes and destroy clothes and woolens. They also lay eggs on carpets which can be an arduous job when it comes to getting rid of those eggs. That is not all, moths can startle you by flying all around the room and making themselves cozy near light sources. Thankfully, there are several ways to get rid of moths and keep your home free off these pesky flying insects.

Certainly, there are a number of repellents available on the market that you can use to kill moths. But, they tend to possess strong odors and are quite unpleasant. They are also likely to cause a number of side effects, hence is not suggested especially with children and pets around. You can instead opt for a number of natural remedies for getting rid of moths without any unpleasant side effects.

How to get rid of moths
How to get rid of moths

7 Homemade Pest Control Methods to Get Rid of Moths

1. Herb sachets help

Various kinds of natural herbs have been used since time immemorial to get rid of moths. Some of the most commonly used herbs in this regard include lavender, rosemary, and thyme. Throw in some powdered herbs in small cloth sachets and place them in moth prone areas around the house. In this case, lavender has shown excellent results in chasing off moths from all corners of the house. Hence you might also want to crush some dry lavender flowers and sprinkle them around the house or add them to potpourri. Along with dry lavender, lavender oil can also be used to keep moths at bay. Take lavender oil and spray it in and around areas where moths where you suspect moths to be present.

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2. Naphthalene balls

Many of us love the fragrance that emanates from naphthalene balls, but moths and other insects detest this strong smell. Take a few naphthalene balls and place them in small cotton pouches. Now hang these pouches in the corners of the wardrobe racks and shelves. The moths find the smell of naphthalene to be pungent and will set out on the lookout for a better abode free of odors. FYI, naphthalene balls work best in enclosed spaces like wardrobes, closets etc. This is because there is minimal air exposure in these places. A word of caution, products that have been exposed to naphthalene balls should be placed in open air for a while before using.

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3. Vacuuming

If you are dealing with a moth infestation, you will definitely get respite from these tiny winged creatures through effective vacuuming. Use your vacuum at its highest setting. You can run it through carpets, wooden doors, corners, wardrobes, clothing, racks, shelves, and screens. If you want long-lasting effects and complete respite from moths in your home, wash the area thoroughly after vacuuming. You will find no trace of moths after this quick exercise.

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4. Cedar chips

Similar to naphthalene and herbs, cedarwood is also something that moths seem to dislike. Collect cedar chips and put them in small pouches. Now place these pouches in areas where you notice moths. If your whole house is infested with moths, you will have to keep such pouches in every nook and corner to ward off these pesky pests. Use freshly cut cedar chips for best results. Ensure that the container in which these chips are put is tightly sealed so that their fragrance does not wear off too soon. If possible build cedar closets and chests to keep and store your belongings safely and to protect from moths and other insects and pests.

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5. Hair dryer

What about garments that have been infested with moths, you sure don’t want to use your vacuum on them. This situation calls for the assistance of a hair dryer. You can use a hair dryer to get rid of moths for good. Turn  the hair dryer on to its maximum setting and use it to dry your clothes. The hot air treatment will help get rid of families of moths instantly. The moths will fall dead within minutes. That is not all, this method is also effective in eliminating eggs that have been laid on the clothes. If you have the time and patience, you may also place the infested clothes inside an oven. The temperature inside the oven should be more than 120 °F. Leave your clothes inside the oven for about half an hour so that the moths are killed. Make sure to clean the oven thoroughly before using it to cook your next meal!

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6. Vinegar

Various kinds of pest control sprays are available in the market, but they are chock-full of chemicals that can cause various side effects. Ditch the chemicals and try vinegar instead. Mix two cups of white vinegar and add equal amounts of water in a large mug. Pour this mixture into a spray bottle and use it as a pest control spray. Moth infestations can be brought under control in no time with this home remedy. However, bear in mind that vinegar might leave stains on surfaces on which it is sprayed. Check the slabs and food storage containers for stains. Wipe them off with a wet piece of cloth. Do not put off the cleanup process for long, or else the stains will be hard to tackle.

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7. Indian Lilac

Indian lilac can be used in different ways to eliminate moths. Indian lilac herbal oil is usually readily available in the market. So you want to get a bottle of the oil and soak a few cotton balls in it. Place the balls on racks and shelves to naturally chase moths out of your home. Alternatively, you can use fresh Indian lilac leaves to rid your home off this pesky insects. Just place them about in the corner of racks, wardrobe and wherever the moths frequent. You can also grind some dried Indian lilac leaves, put them in small sachets and hand them around the moth infested areas.

The remedies are simple and highly effective to get rid of moths. Try them and let us know how it worked for you.