Know What Your Poop Says About Your HealthKnow What Your Poop Says About Your Health

Know What Your Poop Says About Your Health – Infographic

Everyone poops.

Ahh! That’s something nasty to talk about, isn’t it? Of course, none of us would like to give it a second look, but today, HNBT will tell you why you actually should.

By the way, if you are feeling awkward to read through, then think again. Because we assure you that this will be a lot more informative than you think. And your stool can really tell the story about your health condition. Also Read : Top 13 Superfoods To Maintain A Healthy Kidney.

What if something is going wrong in your body? What are the essential nutrients and minerals? Your stool can tell that. And you may not know this, your stool can also be a sign of certain diseases such as cancer. Remember when you always go to a doctor, and he asks about the condition of your poop? We all have went through that, right? The reason behind this is, the color, odor and flow of the stool can actually indicate the kind of disease you are having, or the nutrients you have been lacking. This will help the doctors to diagnose your condition better.

You can categorize your poop according to the texture and color. Okay that’s gross. But you just have to put that all aside, and take this more seriously. Categorizing the color, stools can be black, yellow, green, brown, light-colored or white, and red or blood stained. While the texture and flow, it may look like sausage, watery,  lumpy, sausage-shaped with lumps, sausage-shaped with cracks on surface, soft blobs, fluffy and sticky. 

If you poop is of sausage-shaped, then you are doing perfectly fine. But if it’s stained with blood, or flows in red, then it can be a serious sign of cancer. Read more about it in the infographic.

So the next time you go for a refreshment and when you have done your “deed”…Before flushing, have look on your poop to know how healthy you are. Fell free to consult a doctor if you find anything disheartening.

Health Facts From Your Poop – Infographic

Know What Your Poop Says About Your Health -Infographic


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