50 Little-known, But Interesting Facts About The ‘HUMAN BODY’

There are seven billion people on this planet belonging to same species of homo sapiens. And we certainly have many things in common, as humans. We at HNBT have decided to enlighten you with some little-known facts about the human body that we bet you are not aware of!

50 Facts about Human Body

  1. Women are born as better smellers as compared to men.
    women are better smellers than men
  2. Dream is directly proportional to IQ.
    dream and iq
  3. Fingernails grow four-times faster than toe nails.
    fingernails and toenails
  4. The largest egg in the human body is female-egg and smallest is male sperm.
    female egg and male sperm
  5. Babies are born with blue eyes.
    babies are born with blue eyes
  6. When babies are born, they have blurred vision.
    blurred vision
  7. The human body contains ten times more bacteria cells than human cells.
    bacteria on humanbody
  8. The heart actually doesn’t pump blood, it twists itself so that the blood can be pumped.
    human heart
  9. The heartbeat is produced by the opening and closing of atrioventricular valve.
    heart beat
  10. The pressure of a heartbeat is enough to squirt blood at a distance of 30 ft.
    blood squirt
  11. You tend to loose 20-100 hairs daily.
    hair loss
  12. Your hair, outer layer of your skin and fingernails are made up of keratin.
  13. The foot possesses the thickest skin in the entire body.
    foot skin
  14. The human body (females) ceases to menstruate if you haven’t reached puberty or while pregnancy or during breastfeeding or when menopause is reached.
  15.  There is one part in your human body whose shape remains constant throughout i.e your eyes.
  16. There is enough iron in your body to make an iron nail.
    iron nails
  17. Roughly 2kg of your body weight is bacteria.
  18. Your body has almost 70% of water.
    water content
  19. Sunburns are harmful as they directly affect the blood vessels.
  20. The most slippery fluids known to man is the Synovial Fluid.
    synovial fluid
  21. There 206 types of bones in your body.
  22. You and your stomach lining blushes simultaneously.
  23. Speed of nerve cells is 170 mph.
    nerve cells
  24. If your eyes are in the best condition, then you can see a match stick being lighted 80km away.
  25. 1/20 women and 1/100 men suffer from acne.

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  26. On an average, the human body experiences two dreams per night.
  27. It takes 6 months for babies to develop a permanent skin tone.
    babies skin tone
  28. Every minute you skin sheds 30,000 dead cells.
    dead cells
  29. Any human body ageing between 18 to 60 years weighs 45 kg or more can donate one unit (350 ml) of blood every 90 days.
    blood donation
  30. A specialized sweat gland is responsible for the ear wax.
    ear wax
  31. The out skin of the human body gets replaced every 27 days.
  32. Just like fingerprints, every individual has a unique smell and tongue print.
  33. The human body tends to taller in the mornings than in the evenings.
    taller in mornings
  34. Every ten years, we get a new skeleton
  35. One in 110,000 have albinism.
  36. It’s impossible to choke yourself to death.
  37. When you sneeze, you heart stops beating temporarily.
  38. Blondes tend to have more hair.
  39. Whether you have small breasts or large, the number of nerve endings are same for every women.
  40. Saliva contains natural painkillers.
  41. Nearly one-fourth of your bones are in your feet.
  42. Our teeth is a part of the skeleton system, but sadly they are not categorized as bones.
  43. Human body can survive only for two days without fluids.
  44. The strongest muscle is the tongue muscle.
  45. Colder the room you are sleeping in, higher the chances of getting a nightmare.
    cold room
  46. The stomach produces a new lining every three days which in turn neutralizes the harmful effects of the acid.
    stomach acid
  47. Men have 5-6 litres of blood while women have 4-5 litres of blood.
  48. The longest bone in the human body is the thigh bone i.e femur.
    longest bone in the human body - femur
  49. In your life time you produce enough saliva to fill two swimming pools.
    swimming pool
  50. Saliva can reveal your age.
    saliva can reveal age

That would be all from us on interesting facts about human body. If you have anything more, then do let us know.