Squat While Pooping - The Indian Way

This Is Why You Should Squat While Pooping – ‘The Indian Way’! – Scientific Reason

There is no reason whatsoever to shy away from talking about poop! I mean, pooping is a serious deal, so much so that without it, your body system is to be interrupted and all normal and natural functions of your body will be damned for good. A little fun fact, did you know that the colour of your stool could indicate a specific ailment or health issue in your body?

Science Claims Squatting While Pooping Makes Bowel System Healthier

Squatting while pooping
Squatting while pooping

Owing to the fact that conditions such as hemorrhoids and constipation is on constant rise, we figured it is high time that we revealed to you a trick to maintain a healthy bowel system- empty your bowels the Indian style! How do the Indians do it, you ask? They squat while pooping!

natural squat
natural squat

Everything You Need to Know About Squatting Toilets

Squatting is basically just the action of squatting while you take a dump. Way before sitting toilets were introduced in early 1900’s, squatting was the only way people defecated, although not necessarily on a squatting toilet. It is said that when squatting toilets were introduced, the creators were unwitting of the benefits it had to offer. It was only a part of the civilization process, which then transitioned to sitting toilets solely based on the logic that sitting somewhat seemed more dignified of a posture than squatting. The Indians and few other natives of English colonies, however, continued to use squatting toilets despite the ever growing trend of using sitting toilets all over the world. In fact, squatting toilets witnessed modernization in these countries, with slabs made of ceramic, stainless steel and even fiberglass to ensure better hygiene and trouble-free cleaning.

Benefits of Squatting While Pooping – Sitting vs Squating

sitting vs squatting
Sitting vs Squatting

Okay, enough with the history. After the impressive introduction (or maybe you cringed), we hope you are still in it to discover how squatting while pooping can benefit you. Here’s how:

Defecation is made a 100 times easier when you squat while pooping compared to sitting! As much as you have control over the contraction and release of anal muscles, your body highly relies on an anorectal bend between the rectum and anus to release faeces. When you sit while pooping, the bend is at about 90 degrees of an angle, which will exert an upward pressure against the rectum, making it difficult for complete emptying of the bowel. However, when you are in your squatting posture, the bend expands and the colon straightens, thereby enabling the faeces to pass through easily.

What results from the complete evacuation of your bodily waste is a healthy bowel system, and most importantly, an absolute elimination of disease-causing toxins. With less pressure placed on the rectum, you can be sure to be purged of haemorrhoids and anal fissures. Patients with constipation are most likely to find respite in squatting posture while pooping. Other benefits include prevention of diverticulosis, pelvic floor disorders and colon diseases, though they might not necessarily be directly prevented by the use of squatting toilet. Here is an article you can refer to for evidences proven by scientific research.


Having said that, squatting while pooping alone will not help you attain a healthy bowel system. You must also ensure to maintain a balanced daily diet that’s chock-full of fiber. You do not need to own a squatting toilet (though we do encourage it), all you need is to master the art of striking a safe squatting posture while you take a dump and you are good to go!

Toilet stool
Toilet stool

Do bear in mind that squatting on a sitting toilet, or also known as pedestal toilet can be of high risks and danger. Hence, if you happen to have only a sitting toilet, you might want to consider purchasing a modified toilet seat and foot stool. Using it is pretty easy. Move the stool closer to the toilet base, and sit as usual on the toilet seat but this time with your feet respectively placed on top of both sides of the stool. This will help you mimic the posture of squatting naturally without excessive straining or pressure.


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Now that you have discovered the scientific benefits behind squatting while pooping, we hope you put this information to good use and witness the benefits yourself!