Yoga Styles and Yoga Poses For Starters [Infographic]

Facts on Yoga : Let us first read few facts and benefits of yoga.

  1. Over 20 million Americans practice yoga daily.
  2. Yoga is a form of exercise which when done correctly does not make the body ache.
  3. Practicing yoga twice a day helps bring down depression and anxiety.
  4. Regular practice helps you overcome various diseases in comparatively less time, which medicine would otherwise take much more time to cure.
  5. Savasana is considered as the most important yoga pose.
  6. It’s a natural medicine for insomnia, and regular yoga practice also helps in attaining a sound sleep which makes you more productive during the day.
  7. It also helps boost immunity and combat migraine and sinus.
  8. Yoga helps you look younger than you are!
  9. Improves sex life. You may read Health benefits of sex if you wish to know more.

Yoga Styles and Poses For Starters [Infographic]

yoga poses for starters
Yoga poses for starters : By health central

Yoga Poses for Success

  • Downward Dog Pose (Mountain Pose)
    In order to do this pose, lie on your stomach on the floor or yoga mat. Slowly lift your body on all four’s and bring your hands and feet close to each other to get the Mountain-like structure. Hold the pose for a while.
    -It helps increase bone density and relieves tiredness. This pose stretches the body and helps get rid of stiffness and pain and also increases blood circulation.

    Adho Mukha Savasana - Downward Dog Pose
    Downward Dog Pose – Adho Mukha Savasana

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  • Child Pose
    In order to do this pose, sit on the floor or mat in Vajrasan(i.e. fold your legs and sit in such a way that your ankle touches your buttocks). Slowly bend forward and touch the floor with your palms. Try touching the ground with your nose to attain perfection in this pose.
    -This particular pose helps in stretching the back which is very vital for stretching the spine. It relieves any sort of back pain or fatigue in the body. It also promotes a steady breathing in the body and calms the mind.

    Child yoga Pose
    Child Pose

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  • Lotus Pose
    Sit on the ground or on a mat. Fold your legs and keep your hands in chin mudra. Hold the position for a while and let your breathe come in harmony with the surroundings.
    -This pose stretches the lower body parts and organs. It keeps the spine straight and helps maintain posture. It calms the mind and soul and restores the energy levels of the body.

    lotus yoga pose
    Lotus Pose

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  • Warrior Pose 1
    Stand on the ground.Take one leg in front and bend it at the knees. Join your hands together and keep the index finger straight. Stretch your hands upwards and look up. Hold the pose for a while. Repeat the same with the other leg. Feel the stretch in your entire body.
    -This pose helps in stretching the arms and legs alternatively. It helps promote body balance and also stretches the entire stomach and back region.It also energizes the body and promotes excellent blood circulation in the body.

    Warrior Pose 1 Virabhadrasana1
    Warrior Pose 1

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  • Warrior Pose 2
    This pose is somewhat similar to Warrior Pose 1. The lower body stretch is as same as that in Warrior Pose 1. The hands are stretched to the front and back in the same alignment. Hold the pose for a while and then repeat it by switching legs.
    -The advantages of this pose are similar to that of Warrior Pose 1.

    Warrior Pose 2 Virabhadrasana2
    Warrior Pose 2

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  • Triangle Pose
    Also known as the Trikona Asana. To do this, stand on the ground by stretching your legs on both sides such that they form an inverted spread out ‘V’. Touch your left foot with your right hand while keeping the other hand straight and pointing towards the sky. Hold the pose while you look up and feel the stretch in the body. Do it with the other leg as well.
    -This pose enable your full body stretch and some organs also get activated. It promotes body balance and helps relieve backpain.It is also a wonderful medicine for stress, anxiety, infertility and various our body problems.

    triangle yoga pose
    Triangle Pose

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  • Four Limbed Staff Pose
    To do this pose, lie on your stomach. Keep you hands by your shoulders. Slowly push your body up n such a way that the whole body weight n on your hands and feet. Hold the pose for a while.
    -It strengthens the arms and limbs and tones the body. It also helps in reducing weight.

    Chaturanga four limbed staff
    four limbed staff

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  • Bridge Pose
    In order to do this, lie on the floor or on a mat.Keep your hands by your side in such a manner that the palm touches the ground. Slowly raise your lower body upwards. (body from the hips region). Hold the pose for a while.
    -This Bridge Pose has many advantages. To start with, it stretches the chest, neck and pine. It also stimulates the abdominal organs, relieves sore legs, helps in digestion, relieves menstrual discomfort and symptoms of menopause.

    bandha sarvangasana bridge pose
    Bridge Pose

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  • Chair Pose
    Stand on the floor or mat as you may please. Bend both your knees simultaneously. You may keep your hands in front or up.
    -It helps in strengthening  and toning the torso, thigh and calf muscles. It strengthens the heart, diaphragm and abdominal organs.

    Chair Pose
    Chair Pose

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  • Tree Pose
    In order to do this post, stand on a firm ground. Fold one left at the knees and place them on the other knee. Join both the hands and push them upwards. Hold the pose for a while and repeat it with the other leg.
    -This yoga pose improves balance and helps in toning up your legs. It strengthens the bones. It also stretches your hands and helps in loosing the extra fat(to some extent) in their. This post boosts self-esteem and confidence.

    Tree yoga Pose
    Tree Pose

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  • Boat Pose
    Lie on the ground or on the yoga mat. Raise your hand and legs in the same direction. Attain the pose as shown in the figure below. Hold the pose for a while before letting go.
    -This pose tones up the entire body. People with fat on their body can feel the body trembling the moment this pose is done. This is very helpful as it sheds off the extra weight. This exercise is very useful for people suffering from hernia.

    Naukasana Boat Yoga Pose
    Boat Pose

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  • Firefly Pose
    How to do the Firefly Pose?
    -It strengthens the core, arms, hamstrings and back torso.

    Tittibhasana firefly pose
    Firefly Pose

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  • Headstand Pose
    Lie down on your back. Slowly start raising your feet. Support your body at the hips with your hands. Then lift your chest region. Keep lifting your body till your full body weight is on your head. Hold the pose for a while. You may also do this against a wall for better support.
    -It relieves headache,prevents hair greying, prevents varicose veins, increases body heat, improves your sex life and makes you look younger.

    Headstand Pose

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  • King Dancer Pose
    In order to do this pose, stand on a mat or on the ground. Lift a particular leg and hold it with the respective hand as shown in the figure. Stretch the other hand and keep t in chin mudra. Hold the pose for sometime and then repeat the same with the other leg.

    chin mudra
    chin mudra

    -As we can see, this pose stretches the lower body parts and the lower body organs. It helps promote body balance, posture and concentration. It also reduces weight and helps in de-stressing the mind and body.

    Natraj Asana

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  • Corpse Pose
    In order to do this pose, just lie down on the ground or your yoga mat. Leave your limbs free and breathe normally.
    -This pose helps in restoring the breathe and heartbeat after a particular yoga pose. It is advised to do savasana or Corpse Pose after every yoga pose.

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Yoga is a wonderful drug that is a medicine to all your physical and mental problems. Make yoga a part of your daily routine to leas a stress free and tension free life. Hope you find our article on yoga poses for starters useful.