Home Remedies For Bladder Infection

How to Get Rid of a Bladder Infection? Top 8 Home Remedies For Bladder Infection

How to Get Rid of a Bladder Infection?: A bladder infection is commonly known as a urinary tract infection and is a condition wherein the bacteria grow uncontrollably in the bladder. While the condition can affect just about anyone, women are proven to be more prone to suffering from UTI’s than men.

Bladder infections develop when bacteria enter the urethra, making their way up to the bladder. Once the bacteria reach the bladder, they attach themselves to the walls of the bladder, multiplying quickly. The resultant is an infection that causes uncomfortable symptoms including the likes of sudden urges to urinate, pain while urinating and abdominal cramps.

Before we delve into the home remedies, here are a few lifestyle tweaks that keep bladder infections at bay:

  • Drinking more water is a prime essential when it comes to bladder problems. This is inevitably tied to urinating frequently to rid your body of all the wastes.
  • An added plus would be to practice a good hygiene to prevent the onset of future bladder infections.

If you’re looking to get rid of a bladder infection, then this post is just for you. Home remedies work exceptionally well when it comes to matters of the bladder!

How to Get Rid of a Bladder Infection?
How to Get Rid of a Bladder Infection?

Top 8 Home Remedies to Get Rid of a Bladder Infection

1. Coconut Water and Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is obtained when the flesh of mature coconuts are crushed, whereas coconut water is the colorless liquid found inside coconuts. Both the milk and water of the coconut help to get rid of bladder infections as they have a cooling effect on the body. What makes these remedies work is the presence of monolaurin in the coconut, which is antimicrobial in nature.

  • Coconut Water.
    Coconut water is rich in electrolytes and has a chemical composition which is similar to that of blood plasma. Drinking the water of two or three tender coconuts a day will help you get rid of bladder infections in no time.
  • Coconut Milk.
    Coconut milk should be consumed in smaller quantities as the high oil content in them produces a laxative effect. Lactose intolerant folks can consume this milk as a dairy substitute. People who suffer from nut allergies don’t have to steer clear of this remedy as coconuts aren’t nuts. One or two tablespoons of coconut cream or coconut oil will provide the relief you seek.

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2. Ginger Tea

The composition of ginger makes it suitable for getting rid of bladder infections. This is attributed mainly to the fact that ginger has the ability to block prostaglandin synthesis, a process which creates prostaglandins. Prostaglandins communicate a variety of biological processes including inflammation. They also aid in transmitting pain signals to neurons, thereby preventing inflammation, reducing current inflammation and pain in the process.

Consume ginger tea on a daily basis to get relief from bladder infections.

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3. Garlic

Garlic is well known for its antibacterial properties, but its effectiveness in getting rid of bladder infection isn’t all that well known. The antimicrobial nature of garlic comes from allicin, a sulfur compound that is formed when garlic cloves are crushed.  

For this remedy:

  • Mash up three cloves of garlic
  • Mix it with butter or vinegar
  • Use this to make garlic butter or salad dressing depending on your choice of selection.

Another remedy to experiment with is to swallow five or six cloves of garlic like a pill, if you have no regard for garlic breath that is!

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4. Water

Trust H2O molecules to work wonders on bladder infections. Drinking plenty of water is in fact crucial in this case, as it naturally increases the flow of urine. Bacteria and fungi naturally reside in the urogenital tract, but the issue arises only when they multiply.  Drinking water alters the environment in the urinary tract regions, thereby preventing further infections.

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5. Clove Oil

Clove oil has antimicrobial, antifungal and antiviral properties. It also boasts of anti-inflammatory properties which can relieve pain and promote quick healing. You could either opt to use clove oil, for which you would need to consult your nutritionist on quantity and frequency, or you can opt to ingest cloves in their natural form.

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6. Blueberries

Blueberries help to get rid of bladder infections by affecting the fimbria of any bacteria that tries to attach itself to the urinary tract. Blueberry juice should do the trick for UTI’s, but in case of unavailability, the berries in their natural form work equally well.

Consume one or two cups of fresh blueberries daily. You could add them to oatmeal or cornflakes depending on your choice.

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7. Oregano Oil

Oregano oil inhibits the strains of E Coli which is the most prominent bacteria in bladder infections. Thanks to the antibacterial properties present in oregano oil, it is easily an effective means of preventing antibiotic-resistant strain development. What’s more, it helps to enhance the healing process in most cases of bacterial infections. Known as the natural antibiotic, oregano oil appears far more superior to prescription antibiotics as it has no harmful side effects and doesn’t cause antibiotic resistance.

While opting for this remedy, mix oregano oil with water or coconut oil. Try not to carry forth the remedy for more than two weeks.

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8. Coriander Tea

Whole dried coriander seeds remove heat from one’s body when used to brew a tea. For this remedy, add a tablespoon of crushed coriander seeds to your regular teapot. The slightly sweet and spicy flavor of the coriander seeds gels well with regular tea as well as green tea.

For those of you who aren’t pro-tea, make an infusion of coriander seeds in hot water. Crush two or three tablespoons of coriander seeds and place them in a bowl. Fill it with three cups of boiling water and cover it with a lid for a couple of hours. You can also let it steep overnight. Drink this tea warm or cold right through the day.

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So there you have it, eight neat little tricks for you to get rid of bladder infections once and for all. Healing begins right in the lovely kitchen of your home, so before you go off to make appointments with your doctor, take a look at what cure is hiding in your kitchen cabin!