How to Get Rid of Pilonidal Cysts

Home Remedies You Didn’t Know Could Get Rid of Pilonidal Cysts

How to Get Rid of Pilonidal Cysts?: First of all, what even is a pilonidal cyst? Have you ever heard of it? If not, you are not the only one. A pilonidal cyst is a sac or pocket that is filled with skin debris and hair and forms at the top of the buttock crease near the coccyx, or tailbone. The term ‘pilonidal’ actually means “nest of hairs”. If the cyst and overlying skin become infected, it can cause the formation of a painful abscess. The cysts can range from a very small size to a large, painful mass. Although pilonidal cysts are most common among young men, they can occur in anyone. Fortunately, there are simple and effective natural remedies that can help you get rid of pilonidal cysts.

How to Get Rid of Pilonidal Cysts
How to Get Rid of Pilonidal Cysts

Home Remedies You Didn’t Know Could Get Rid of Pilonidal Cysts

Here is a look at some of the best natural remedies to treat and get rid of pilonidal cysts:

1. Tea Tree Oil

When it comes to pilonidal cysts, tea tree oil tops the list due to its antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties and effect on healing. Its powerful properties are excellent for treating the infection. Additionally, tea tree oil can boost the healing process when it gets absorbed deep into the skin.

  • Dilute a few drops of tea tree oil with a small amount of water.
  • Rub it over the affected area and leave it on for 10 minutes.
  • Wash off with warm water and let it dry naturally.
  • Repeat 3 times a day until the cyst disappears.

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2. Garlic

Garlic has been used as an effective home remedy to get rid of pilonidal cysts for centuries. It is packed with antifungal and antibiotic properties that work to treat cysts. The properties of garlic also support the immune system to fight infections and hasten the healing process from within.

  • Crush a clove of garlic and rub it on the affected area.
  •  Wrap it with gauze and leave it on for 15 minutes or so.
  • Remove the gauze and wash off the area with lukewarm water.
  • Do this once a day until you get the desired results.

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3. Beeswax

Because it is rich in Vitamin A, beeswax is another excellent natural remedy for pilonidal cysts. This vitamin helps in lowering the risk of infections and stimulating the development and reconstruction of cells in skin areas that are affected by the cyst. Using beeswax may sound like the simplest home remedy for pilonidal cysts, but you should not underestimate its efficacy in getting rid of the problem.

  • First, melt the beeswax on medium heat.
  • Once it becomes viscous, remove from the heat and apply it on the cysts.
  • You can also grate beeswax and apply it directly on the affected area.

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4. Warm Compress

A warm compress is a superb remedy when your infection turns painful, as heat helps ease pain. It also helps with the pus and fluid that come with pilonidal cysts, hence fosters the healing process. However, it should be noted that warm compress does not do anything to prevent these cysts from developing.

  • Dip a soft, clean cloth in hot water and wring out the excess water.
  • Apply the warm cloth on the affected area for several minutes.
  • Repeat up to 4 times a day until you notice an improvement in your condition.

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5. Slaked Lime

One of the advantages of using slaked lime to get rid of pilonidal cysts is that it can reduce inflammation. It is popular in India, where it is used with betel leaves to relieve pain resulting from bee stings. Slaked lime is also known to be highly effective for treating skin infections, including pilonidal cysts.

  • Add some slaked lime to water. The mixture will become hot instantly.
  • Put the mixture in a cloth poultice.
  • Apply the poultice on the affected area for a few minutes.
  • Repeat 2 times a day until the cysts are gone.
  • You can also apply a mixture of slaked lime and turmeric on the cysts.
  • Leave it on for a couple of minutes.
  • Rinse off thoroughly with water.
  • Repeat this twice a day until you notice an improvement.

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6. Onion

Onions have many amazing health benefits, and healing pilonidal cysts is one of them. It has powerful antimicrobial properties which are effective for the treatment of the infection that comes with any type of skin condition. And the best part about this remedy is that you always have the ingredient in your kitchen.

  • Cut 1 onion into small pieces and place the appropriate amount over the affected area.
  • Cover the area with a bandage.
  • Leave it on for about 2 hours, and change the onion and wrap again.
  • Do this several times a day until your cyst or infection is gone.

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7. Baking Soda

When it comes to home remedies for pilonidal cysts, baking soda is without a doubt the most effective yet simple remedy. It works well for treating this problem because it has antimicrobial properties, which can help in eliminating the infection affecting the area with the cyst. Baking powder helps in reducing inflammation and soothe irritated skin.

  • Mix equal amounts of baking soda and white vinegar to form a paste.
  • Rub the paste over the cyst and leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Wash it off with clean, cool water.
  • Repeat this daily until you get rid of pilonidal cysts.

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8. Apple Cider Vinegar

How can you forget about apple cider vinegar when it comes to natural remedies for skin issues? It works wonders in treating pilonidal cysts as it has potent natural healing properties. Plus, due to its acidic nature, apple cider vinegar can help in balancing your skin’s pH levels and flushing out toxins brought on by the cyst.

  • Pour a bit of raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar into a bowl.
  • Dip a cotton ball into it and apply on the affected area.
  • Leave the cotton ball on, using a Band-Aid to secure it in place.
  • Wash off the affected area with apple cider vinegar 2 times a day until the cysts disappear.

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Apart from these, other ingredients you can use to get rid of pilonidal cysts include fenugreek seeds, black tea bags, bath or lavender salt, aloe vera, honey, castor oil, turmeric, and neem, to name a few. These ingredients are easily available and easy to use. If you would rather use natural treatments for pilonidal cysts than chemical-filled medicated ointments and lotions, you should try these amazing home remedies and treat the infection before it gets worse.