How to Wash Your Hair? – A Step By Step Guide To Wash Hair with FAQs

How to Wash Your Hair? – Good hair is a sign of good health. It often gives people the first impression on how good you take care of yourself. And of course, gorgeous looking hair is every girl’s dream. Some people are just blessed with naturally beautiful hair. But what about the rest? How do you get your to standout just like the others’? Besides providing the roots of with sufficient nutrient, there are also some tips and rules that can do the exact favors.  So this time at HNBT, we have decided to bring to you right ways to wash hair and hair washing tips. Which also means that you can now say goodbye to your bad hair days. Follow these simple steps to get really shiny, healthy and bouncy hair.

How to Wash Your Hair?
How to Wash Your Hair?

How to Wash Your Hair? – Pre and Post Hair Wash Tips

1. Comb: This is the most important part. Combing removes dirt and dead cells to a lot extent. And obviously it reduces your efforts while shampooing.

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2. Soak Properly: Hair should be soaked properly keeping the water run low. This will also prevent water from getting wasted. And it is important that you keep in your mind not to use hot water to wash them. This can make your scalp dry, and if you have a dandruff problem, it may worsen.

3. Shampoo: Here comes the vital part. Always remember to pour a little amount first on your palms and dilute it with water. Start applying it thoroughly and massage until foam is formed. Remember NOT to rub the top part with your palm to avoid any tangling. While massaging, DON’T use your fingernails. Instead use your fingertips. The shampoo should not remain in contact for more than a minute.

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4. Wash off the shampoo: This part is equally as important as shampooing. This is because any left over shampoo can damage your hair. It makes roots dry out. Hence, rinse thoroughly.

5. Reapply shampoo: This is just to check whether your hair is properly cleaned or not. If the foam forms easily then your scalp is clean, and is ready to be conditioned. Otherwise, you need to re-massage the shampoo. Wash off once again.

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How to Wash Your Hair? – Post Shampoo Tips

1. Conditioning: Only cleaning is not enough. You have to apply a conditioner as well. Many girls make a mistake by not conditioning. Make sure the shampoo and the conditioner is of the same brand. Apply conditioner evenly from root to tips. You don’t need to condition your scalp as it produces its own natural oil. Leave the conditioner on for a couple of minutes before rinsing off.

2. Wash off the conditioner: Rinse the conditioner well because any leftover conditioner in your is as harmful as leftover shampoo. It is advisable that you use cold water at this stage as cold water helps in closing the pores of your scalp. It adds shine.

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3. Dry: DON’T use a blower to dry unless it’s an emergency. Hot air damages the your favorite part. Don’t be too harsh while rubbing you hair with the towel. Instead, patting it softly is the best way.

4. Combing your hair: Once it’s dried up then comb. DON’T comb when it’s wet as it leads to hair fall. And make sure not to run the comb down too hard to avoid hurting your scalp.

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1. Don’t wash it daily: Many people ask the same question, “How often should you wash your hair?, “how often should i wash my hair?”. Do wash every second or third day. Washing it daily prevents your scalp oils from reaching the tips. This is also said to worsen dandruff problem. If you find your hair getting too oily, then you may braid or tie a bun.

2. Don’t use excessive amount of shampoo/conditioner: You should massage more shampoo into your scalp as it produces oil. You may shampoo your entire hair(only if required). Same goes to the conditioning process. Apply it from the tips to the middle part. If you have bangs or shorter fringe, condition that too. This indirectly saves shampoo, conditioner and as well as water.

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3. Don’t skip the conditioner: Conditioning add a glow, thereby making it shiny. Avoiding it is not encouraged as it causes friction and breakage while brushing later on.

4. Don’t take super hot showers: Hot showers opens up the cuticles and cold shower closes them. But intense hot showers damages your hair, causing it to look dry and unhealthy.

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5. Don’t rinse too much: If your have colored hair, avoid over rinsing it. Colored hair absorbs and releases water very easily. When the water leaves,  it takes the color along, thereby causing it to fade.

So girls, what are you waiting for? Make the possible best of your impression with your gorgeous looking hair that you have always dreamt of. Do follow these simple hair wash hacks to get a shiny, bouncy and healthy hair. In case if there are any other hair wash tips that you know, please do share them with us. We would be happy to hear from you!