How to get rid of water weight

8 Different Home Remedies To Help Get Rid Of Water Weight

How to get rid of water weight?: Water weight is the resultant of an excess storage of water throughout the body. It goes by many names including the likes of edema, fluid retention or water retention. Water weight is a popular side effect of chronic inflammation.

Water weight is when your body retains fluid in blood tissues and the circulatory system. This might change your appearance, making you feel tired in the process. If you find that your hands, feet or face are puffy all of a sudden, then you have been claimed a victim of water weight. The causes behind water retention are numerous- the most prominent ones being lack of physical exercise, hormonal influxes during menstruation or pregnancy, allergies, high dosage of sodium or sugar in your diet.

If you’re contemplating on how to get rid of water weight, then we have a few dietary solutions that will allow for you to shed those pesky pounds. Here are some home remedies which should be able to help you out.

How to get rid of water weight
How to get rid of water weight

8 Different Home Remedies To Help Get Rid Of Water Weight

1. Parsley

Parsley is loaded with antioxidants, B complex vitamins, calcium, and iron. It aids in getting rid of water weight by inhibiting the re-absorption of sodium and potassium which enables the excess water from the body to be released. Urinary tract infections and kidney stones can also be treated with parsley.

Home remedy number one entails the use of parsley tea. For this remedy:

  • Add fresh parsley to boiling water- a handful should do.
  • Remove from heat and allow it to steep for roughly ten to fifteen minutes.
  • Strain and pour this solution into a cup which you can sip as tea.
  • Repeat this process five times a day for best results.

Home remedy number two entails the use of parsley paste. For this remedy:

  • Crush fresh parsley leaves to make a paste out of them
  • Apply this paste on the water retention affected areas such as the joints, wrists, ankles, legs, etc
  • Leave it on for about 30 to 45 minutes before rinsing off with water
  • This remedy works best when followed up twice a day.

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2. Cranberry juice

Cranberry juice makes a great home remedy for a number of conditions including Urinary Tract Infections- UTI. The fact that cranberry juice is a diuretic makes trips to the bathroom more frequent, releasing any water that has accumulated in the body. It also encourages fluid balance as it is a rich source of electrolytes such as potassium and magnesium.

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3. Barley
To get rid of water weight, barley comes in handy as it is a natural diuretic. This is a remedy that is safe to use during pregnancy as well.

Home remedy number one comes masqueraded as the humble barley juice. For this remedy:

  • Boil quarter cup of washed barley for about 20 minutes or so.
  • Strain and add 2 to 4 tablespoons of lemon juice or orange juice to it.
  • Mix well and drink this mixture
  • To get rid of water weight, repeat this process daily.

Home remedy two requires the use of barley water. For this remedy:

  • Place three tablespoons of barley in a cup, immersing it completely in water.
  • Allow this to soak overnight.
  • The following morning, strain and drink this solution.
  • As part of a day remedy, you could proceed to soak three tablespoons of barley in water.
  • Strain this solution and drink it right before bed.  
  • Consume this solution every day until you see positive results.
  • To prevent a recurrence, drink this solution twice a week.

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4. Cabbage juice

If cabbage remains to be sidelined on your plate as you devour all things unhealthy, you need to rethink that decision! Cabbage is loaded with dietary fibers which can help to break down the fatty deposits in your body.

Wondering how to get rid of water weight with cabbage? Here’s how:

  • Juice a cabbage with plain water if you like.
  • Add salt and pepper according to your liking.
  • Drink it along with your meals or before your meals.

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5. Drink water

As ironical as it sounds, drinking water to get rid of water weight isn’t such a crazy idea after all. Your body retains water because it is dehydrated. Proper hydration causes the body to release excess water instead of storing it.

Certain things to keep in mind include:

  • Drink about 6 to 8 glasses of water every single day
  • When you are thirsty, make sure that you drink sufficient water no matter how far away your water bottle is.  
  • If your urine turns yellow, it’s a sign of dehydration. You know what follows.

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6. Potassium rich food

You will find a solution in potassium rich foods which act as natural diuretics that help the body fight water weight. Lack of potassium rich foods in your diet leads to unnecessary water retention.

Stack up on the following foods to get rid of water weight: Bananas, carrots, kiwi, mango, oranges, papaya, yogurt, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, dried beans, apricots, dates, lentils,  and avocado.

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7. Lemon juice

Lemon juice is highly beneficial in the treatment of a number of ailments, the most effective being its rapid boost for your metabolism. It also helps to alkalize and flush toxins from the body.

For this remedy:

  • Add fresh lemon juice to a cup of warm water
  • Drink this on an empty stomach
  • Do this once every day to see results in no time.

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8. Reduce salt intake

The main cause for water retention is a high salt intake which results in sodium accumulating in the body. This, in turn, expands the extracellular volume in the body. Excess fluid and sodium levels in the body lead to water retention, osteoporosis, strokes and heart disease.

Avoid salt by keeping these tips in mind:

  • Rather than eating out, cook at home so you are aware of the amount of salt going into your food.
  • Keep the salt shaker far away from the dining table to avoid the impulse of adding salt to your meal.
  • Avoid canned food as high quantities of salt are used as preservatives.
  • Stay away from processed and junk food in general.

These home remedies are bound to bring you the respite you seek. Home remedies for just about any ailment are always around the corner here at healthnbodytips. Until next time fellow netizens!

Caution: Please seek immediate medical assistance in case of excessive swelling or prolonged symptoms.