How to stop eye twitching

How to Stop Eye Twitching? 7 Natural Remedies to Stop Eye Twitching

How to stop eye twitching?: Eyelid twitching is a common scenario characterized by a repetitive involuntary spasm of the eyelid muscles, typically occurring in the upper eyelid. These spasms tend to be mild in most cases and all you really feel is a subtle tug on your eyelid. However, in some cases, the spasms are strong enough to close your eyelid completely. The frequency of these spams differs anywhere between a couple of seconds to a minute or so.

Twitches are generally harmless and painless, occurring on a biweekly or monthly level. Often times, the twitching subsides without the need for medical assistance. In serious cases, eyelid spasms could be an indication of a chronic movement disorder.

How to stop eye twitching
How to stop eye twitching

How to Stop Eye Twitching? 7 Natural Remedies to Stop Eye Twitching


The direct cause of eye twitching is unidentifiable though there are a few contributing factors which tend to favor the condition. Here are some lifestyle patterns that might be contributing towards eye twitching.

  • Lack of sleep
  • Fatigue
  • Stress
  • Physical exertion
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Side effects of certain medications

When to consult a doctor?

Seldom does eyelid twitching become an issue serious enough to require medical assistance. If left untreated, eye twitching could lead to brain or nervous system disorders which is why it is crucial to consult a doctor when the following symptoms surface:

  • The twitching uncontrollably spans over several weeks
  • Your eyes become red and swollen followed by an unusual discharge
  • Your upper eyelid begins to droop
  • Your eye is forced to close when the twitching begins
  • The twitch starts to affect different parts of your face.


Here are some pointers to keep in mind:

  • Get a minimum of eight hours of uninterrupted sleep a day
  • For those of you who spend too much time in front of screens, use glasses to protect your eyes.
  • Drink about 8-10 glasses of water every day.
  • Take regular breaks to limit your eye exposure to computer screens.
  • When your eyes feel dry and itchy, lubricate them with eye drops
  • Rinse your eyes regularly


Here are some of the big no-no’s to be wary of: 

  • Avoid excessive consumption of coffee or tea as it could aggravate your eye twitching
  • Limit your alcohol consumption
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes when they get itchy
  • Avoid spending too much time in front of screens

Wondering how to stop eye twitching naturally? Here are some home remedies for you to dabble with:

1. Warm compress

Warm compresses do the trick for twitching eyes just fine. They allow your eyes to regain their normal muscle function soon after application. After a while, the involuntary movements of the eyelids stop.

For this remedy:

  • Dip a towel or handkerchief in warm water
  • Apply this to your closed eyelids
  • Keep it on until the heat no longer resides

Repeat this process five or six times a day for best relief.

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2. Rose Water

Rose water can work wonders for your skin and incidentally, your eyes as well. Not only does it cleanse your eyes, but it also helps to keep them nourished. Any dirt and pollutant in your eyes can be removed with a couple of these wonder drops! Also, your eye muscles will relax in the process.

For this remedy, all you have to do is to dip a cotton ball in some rose water and place them on the closed eyelids. You could also use a rose water compress if it is at your disposition.

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3. Cucumber

The anti-inflammatory property of cucumber can cure swollen, stressed out eyes. Cucumbers help to soothe the muscles in the eyes, easing the nerve movements in the process.

Wondering how to stop eye twitching with cucumber? A slice of cooled cucumber is all you need to keep your eye twitching woes at bay. Place it over your eyes and sit back as you let the magic work its ways on you.

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4. Banana

The deficiency of potassium could be a root cause for eye twitching. For those of you who are lacking on your potassium levels, bananas have just the cure. Consume bananas on a regular basis to obtain the respite you seek from eye twitching. This way, you can kill two birds with a single stone. 

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5. Steam

Steam is influential in treating eye twitches as it eases tensed nerves, which is a common symptom of excessive eye strain. Steam can also be seen as a means to remove dirt and pollution from the pores of your skin.

For this remedy:

  • To a boiling pot of water, add a few drops of eucalyptus oil
  • Inhale the steam for about five to ten minutes
  • Be sure that you cover your head with a towel or cloth for maximum benefit.

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6. Potato

Potato is a great eye muscle reliever which explains how it made its way to our list of remedies to stop eye twitching.

For this remedy, you could be a guilt-free couch potato and reel in on the multitude of benefits that potato actually has to offer. Cut up a small potato into thin slices and place them on your eyelids. This will leave your eyes relaxed and free of the twitch.

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7. Eye massages

When massaged, the eye muscles tend to relax, leaving you with twitch-free eyes. This process also increases the circulation of blood to the eyes which strengthens the eye muscles in return.

With the help of your index finger, massage the area around your eyes. Repeat this process 5 or 6 times a day for 30-second intervals to stop eye twitching.  

We hope that this post was helpful in addressing your eye twitching woes. If the symptoms don’t die down and persist for a long period of time (for more than two weeks), it is best that you consult a doctor. In most cases, however, eye twitching is not something to work yourself over- it would probably only aggravate the problem at hand. So how about we keep calm, sit back and unwind as we give our eyes the shut-eye they require?