Benefits of patchouli essential oil

9 Benefits of Patchouli Essential Oil for Skin, Hair and Health

Benefits of patchouli essential oil: Patchouli essential oil is known for its numerous benefits due to its many properties; antidepressant, antiseptic, astringent, diuretic, fungicide, antiphlogistic, insecticide, cytophylactic, cicatrisant, aphrodisiac, febrifuge, sedative, deodorant and tonic properties. What is unique about this essential oil is that it improves with age. You can also make it in your very home! Are you looking for an essential oil that you can use for a wide range of applications? Then patchouli essential oil is the perfect choice for you! Presenting to you, the benefits of patchouli essential oil for skin, hair and health.

Benefits of patchouli essential oil
Benefits of patchouli essential oil

9 Benefits of Patchouli Essential Oil for Skin, Hair and Health

Here is a look at some of the skin benefits of patchouli essential oil:

Benefits of Patchouli Essential Oil for Skin

1. Heals scars and blemishes

Do you have wounds, scars or blemishes caused by acne, measles, etc.? All you need is 5 drops of this miraculous oil daily to get rid of them. Add a small amount of patchouli essential oil to your face cream or face wash to get rid of or minimize the appearance of scars and other undesirable marks on your facial skin.

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2. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Are you looking for a natural way to make your skin look youthful and rejuvenated? Patchouli essential oil has properties that help in toning and tightening the skin, thereby slowing down the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging. All you have to do is add 1 to 2 drops of the essential oil to your skincare product and apply it twice a day. The oil will moisturize your skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles in no time.

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3. Makes skin look and feel smooth and healthy

Do you have dry, dull skin? Patchouli essential oil can help with this too! It regenerates new skin cells, which in turn gives you healthy skin. Dilute it to your regular skincare product and use it daily to moisturize your skin and make it look and feel smooth and rejuvenated. You can say goodbye to dry, lifeless skin and help to beautiful and radiant skin!

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Benefits of Patchouli Essential Oil for Hair

Here is a look at how patchouli essential oil benefits hair:

4. Treats dandruff

Patchouli essential oil has potent natural properties that can help you treat dandruff and eliminate the problem without damaging your hair. All you need to do is add a few drops of the essential oil to your shampoo or conditioner. You can also mix patchouli essential oil with a carrier oil, like almond, coconut or olive oil, and gently massage it to your scalp. Leave it on for 30 minutes before washing. You will notice a great difference in no time at all!

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5. Strengthens hair

Hair fall is one of the signs of weak, unhealthy hair. Patchouli essential oil is known to strengthen hair and make it healthy. Adding 5 drops of the essential oil to your shampoo can help make your hair strong and shiny and significantly reduce hair fall. Want strong, shiny, healthy tresses? Go for patchouli essential oil.

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6. Treats oily hair

If you have tried different hair care products to try to get rid of the oily scalp and greasy-looking hair to no avail,  then you should totally consider patchouli essential oil. Its powerful properties make it a great natural treatment for oily hair. All you need to do is add a few drops of the essential oil to your shampoo or conditioner to control the oil on your hair and scalp, for a beautiful, lustrous, oil-free hair every day.

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Health Benefits of Patchouli Essential Oil

Apart from skin and hair benefits, patchouli essential oil has many health benefits due to its countless natural properties. Here is a look at some of the health benefits that this wonderful essential oil has:

7. Soothes inflammation

Do you often suffer from irritation or inflammation due to fever? You should have a bottle of patchouli essential oil as it soothes inflammation. Apart from this, it also helps in relieving fever as well. Internal inflammations brought on by gout and arthritis can also be effectively treated with this miraculous essential oil. You do not have to buy prescription medications to gain relief from inflammation when you have patchouli essential oil.

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8. Boosts blood circulation

This miraculous oil contains properties that help in promoting growth by boosting the generation of new cells in the body. It also stimulates production of red blood cells, which in turn help in boosting energy levels. While this essential oil increases blood circulation, it also helps in increasing the oxygenation of cells and organs throughout the body, thereby boosting their functionality as well as overall body metabolism.

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9. Diuretic

One of the most important health benefits of patchouli essential oil is due to its diuretic properties. It helps in increasing the frequency of urination and also the quality of urine. This further helps in weight loss, lowering cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, removing toxins from the body and increasing appetite. Urination removes uric acids, unnecessary salts and excess water, which in turn helps in lowering the chances of developing kidney and gallbladder stones as well as conditions like gout.

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As you can see, patchouli essential oil has an amazing array of benefits for skin, hair and health. You can also use this beneficial essential oil to remove body odor, promote dental health, treat fungal infections, enhance mood and alleviate depression. It is also a powerful insect repellent.

However, you should keep in mind that there are certain precautions you should take when using this essential for skin, hair or health problems, or in a diffuser for aromatherapy. While it is generally considered safe to use topically, you should remember to mix it with a carrier oil before using it. Also keep in mind that you should avoid overusing patchouli essential oil as it can precipitate lethargy, sedation and loss of appetite. If you take prescription medications, you should consult your physician before using this essential oil.