Benefits of Rowing Machine

Benefits of Rowing Machine Workouts – Why Should You Use Rowing Machine?

Benefits of Rowing Machine Workouts– You do not have to necessarily break sweat at a gym or spend your time pounding the pavement on a long distance run. Neither do you have to spend a fortune on a gym membership. Simply bring home a row machine! Rowing machine, or also known by names such as rower and ergometer, is the newest trend in fitness. Its calorie- incinerating benefits will baffle you. In fact, fitness gurus opine that a rowing machine can burn about 15% more than the calories that you burn while running!

A rowing machine workout can also help in building and toning your muscles as well as strengthening your cardiovascular functioning and increasing your stamina manifolds. They are particularly used by fitness enthusiasts who vouch that these machines do not strain back and joints.  Here are a few reasons why you should begin rowing now!

Benefits of Rowing Machine Workouts
Benefits of Rowing Machine Workouts

Benefits of Rowing Machine Workouts

  1. It is a total body workout– According to experts, rowing uses close to 86% of the muscles in your body. This means that when you are at the rowing machines, you are exercising almost all the muscles in your body, and there is no exercise that can beat that! Also, rowing is one of the best cardio- workouts that can burn calories and improve heart health.
  2. Highly efficient– It is said that NASA astronauts train with rowing because it is highly efficient. Just thirty minutes on the machine can give you the same benefits as you will gain out of 90 minutes of cycling.
  3. Injury-Safe – As mentioned earlier, rowing machines are a great favorite among fitness enthusiasts as they do not strain the back and other joints. There is minimal impact loading when you exercise on a rowing machine. So, if you have had a knee, hip or ankle injury, this is a safe way to work out. Caution: Remember not to set the damper any higher than 5.

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Top 9 Rowing Machine Benefits

1. Improves Cardiovascular Fitness

One of the best rowing machine benefits is it improves cardio fitness. Any exercise that raises your heart rate and breath volume is said to improve your cardiovascular fitness. In such case, rowing machines are great for not just your heart, but also your lungs as it engages most muscle groups in your body. This causes your heart to pump more blood to the muscles of your body to deliver energy as well as nutrients to your cells while doing away with waste byproducts such as carbon-dioxide and lactic acid.

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2. Increases Total-Body Muscular Strength and Endurance

Even experts confuse between muscular strength and endurance at times. Muscular strength is how much weight your muscles can lift in one attempt. On the contrary, muscular endurance is how much your muscles can lift over a period of time. When you start exercising on a row machine, you can increase both your muscle strength as well as endurance. During the drive phase of this exercise, you engage the major muscle groups in your core, legs, upper body and back too. This exertion helps increase and improve the endurance of all these muscle groups.

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3. Low Impact

Rowing is rather easy on your joints! You may wonder why. This is due to the fact that both your feet stay in contact with your foot pads while your hands remain in contact with the handles. This translates to the fact that there is little to absolutely no impact on either your ankles, hips, shoulder, elbows or even knees which are generally prone to injuries at the gym. Thus, this form of exercise is recommended to those who are nursing an injury or feel fatigued during other forms of exercise such as jogging, walking and aerobic exercises.

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4. Weight Loss

A rowing machine workout can also help you lose weight! Not only will it help burn calories and tone your muscles, but it will also increase your energy levels. A workout on a rowing machine can burn up to 600 calories an hour. This is more efficient than most home gym machines. For instance, a stationary bike requires you to ride for about 78 minutes, which is equal to a 60 minute long workout on a rower. A healthy diet and a rower workout are all you need to achieve your weight goals.

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5. Reduces Stress

If you prefer to gym at home, then simply buy yourself a rower. They fold easily and can be stowed away under your cot for convenience. You can always place your rower in front of your tele and exercise while watching your favorite soap. Also, according to experts, physical exercise tends to stimulate the pleasure centers located in the brain, thus releasing endorphins that reduce stress considerably.

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6. More the Merrier

Workouts on a row machine can be done either on your own or as a part of a group. Many gyms offer group rowing classes that are led by high-energy, enthusiastic instructors with pumping music in the background set to the beat of a funky playlist. This is a fun way to derive the many benefits of exercising without having to get into the grind of exercising on your own.

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7. Relatively Less Expensive

Row machines aren’t as expensive as most cardio equipments. Even the top commercial rowing machine – Model D Indoor Rowing Machine– that has been vouched to be the best is sold at just $850 opposed to other equipment that can cost anything between $2000- $5000. In fact, there are several rowers on the market that cost as little as $300. However, be wary, and check reviews of the product before bringing one home.  

If you prefer just driving down to your gym, you may have to pay between $15-30 a class depending on the gym you attend. At some gyms, you may just have to upgrade your membership to gain access to group fitness classes.

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8. Accessibility

While rowing in the lake is hands down the best exercise ever, not everyone may have accessibility to a lake or river, and definitely not a boat. Machine rowers on the contrary are available even in the smallest of gyms. They are accessible all year long and you do not need to know to swim or wear a funny life jacket.

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9. Relatively Easy to Use 

Exercising on a rowing machine is very simple, and ideal for all age groups. Once you know the techniques of exercising on the machine, it will help you maximize your workouts and minimize your risk of contracting injuries. Remember that your sheet should be securely fastened in the stirrups of the machine and your shins should be at a 90 degree angle to the floor. Keep your back straight, and your core engaged, and you will be able to row in a smooth fluid motion. Within no time you will get a hang of it and will be teaching your buddies at the gym!

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Rowing is one of the best forms of exercise, but has its set of risks. Poor form at times result in injury, to the lower back, especially during the drive phase of the exercise. If you are using a rowing machine for the first time, take assistance from a trainer and learn to use it properly. Do not rush, start slow and work your way up.